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Les capteurs de la Nasa ont détecté un trou noir non loin de notre Galaxie. Miller et Charles, deux astronautes, sont engagés pour un allez simple dans l’inconnu. Le but : découvrir vers où mène cette porte.
Pour le 8*8*8 de Brick à Brack.



Huston, all is well here. The artificial air is stable. Since our launch from Earth we had no problems. ery well Miller, we see on the sensors that the Galileo is approaching the black hole. Radio silence in two minutes, one last word before your big jump?.

It is… an honor to be part of this mission. With Charles, we hope that everything will be okay Radio silence in a minute. Let’s go. It’s unknown that awaits us. Radio silence in 10... 9... 8... 7... We lost the signal. We're going into the black hole. Careful, it'll shake Master Alarm! Control no longer respond! We can't see anything anymore..

Careful, it'll shake! We're out of power. We're drifting. Oxygen level at 50%... Keep calm. This planet... is beautiful. Resetting the controls. Enguora.


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