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Worlds Beautiful Female Soldiers in Russian Military Documentary Discovery Channel

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A great documentary series about the most beautiful Russian Military female soldier battalion. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Russian: Вооружённые Си́лы Росси́й.

An interesting documentary on joining the Russian military special forces. Spetsnaz (Russian: спецназ; IPA: [spʲɪt͡sˈnas]) abbreviation for Войска специального.


four one six one four one six one four six eight no no it's mine take it oh six six for me the fact that we are allowed to go to military academy is remarkable it's not open to everybody as everyone got a rifle apart from the specialists who doesn't have a rifle everyone got.

Their weapons yeah Berthier when we came to the Academy we were all so excited here was a bunch of girls trained to be paratroopers how could that be you wouldn't believe that it was real I rolled machine gun is fully equipped I can't say that my childhood dream was to be a paratrooper in the army you know I wanted to be an actress or a doctor trying to find a place where I would be.

Needed the most where would fulfill my potential come here everybody this is how you handled the cartridge pouch you attach it to the Bell and that's it nice report for inspection Cellini's attention company is falling good morning comrades good day comrade major wall at ease thank you concern Tim I want you to pay special attention to.

Safety precautions during firing practice march forward to the training range so much well not since the grouping idea we have the concept of gender training this means that boys and girls are educated in the same Academy if you compare the level of training of both the boys and girls in one course you my can tell you that the girls have a more.

Serious attitude towards everything than the boys do you can get seen in their nature and it's clearly seen in their studies would you be at approximately well sir and of course joining the army is not something that women usually do girls running around with rifles is an unusual sight when they should be I don't know at home making soup or that's helping.

Mom with the household chores that's my man of course the guys were stunned when they first saw us hey girls let's play tag to warm up beer cold waiting for the ammunition to arrive before the start of the training exercises so we do what we can to get warm now it's not as much of a problem as it was four years ago we've become used to the cold since then is.

That good morning every second person Vanya nice go most of our training takes place in the Academy instructors tell us what we must do and show us how to do it good day comrades please take your seats seated today we'll have to make sure that first look that you have learned about how to assault forces captured targets stormy in population centers look here assault groups begin their.

Approach to reach their objective which is designated on the line pay attention to the first landmark a damaged vehicle 50 meters to the left our main aim is to teach them to manage their units in battle while performing combat tasks they have to destroy the enemy while preventing the loss of as many of their units as possible in your opinion which of the units mentioned by you will be.

Equipped with the rocket-propelled grenades so I want all the others should be ready to give an answer we spend most of the time in the academy here that's where we permanently stationed and here we have regular lessons in various subjects such as tactics an assault group includes a grenade launched quad it's never broken up to allow fire support groups or.

Individual crews to share its power that's because only one person is in command of it and it would be hard for them to control it from different positions what is the function of the rearguard to cover you just cover what something in back probably do it let's go back you said yourself you want to create an element in the form of an assault group like that another assault.

Group is operating on the side this means that'll be providing cover either here or here left flank is exposed as you can see yes just means the left flank will be covered ah the left flank so the cover group was performing its correct task right exactly write that down most of the teaching here in the academic and sounds Theory.

We translate theory into life in the field just know what I mean is that our teachers give us the basic knowledge to be able to act as commanders of platoons and companies in the field not for better troop management if the company's commander has designated call signs for other officers can you recall what those call signs are my name Dame comrade colonel go ahead ten for assault group.

Number one sit go on the cold sign for a sold group number two is almost zero one I enjoy lessons and tactics but I like all of the instructors everyone has their own teaching method some raise their voice to drive a point home some use their piercing eyes for the same purpose others speak so persuasively that even if you don't understand what they're.

Talking about you get the feeling that you've known it all along that you've heard every single word before reason alone what that happen sometimes a loud voice only comes in handy when the commander of an assault group is giving orders with the commander of an assault group you can't be heard by officers who are far away from you those most nucleus please each the noise would.

Be about this loud now try shouting over that if it's three or four times louder you'll have no chance of making yourself heard you'll have to use radio communication teaching them to give orders in a loud and clear voice is one of the aims of the lessons they need to learn to be in control of themselves in the field conditions the problem is that if they haven't.

Practiced commands before they often feel ill at ease in the field even if they know how to do it in theory for example your machine gunner is over there what's the approximate distance between you two maybe four meters 200 meters okay it's five or six yeah all right then I want you to change the target number so when you start to gave orders change the number.

Nice career number one reference point number three site number four low target fire when you're in command in the field you put a different slant on the situation and then you begin to find your feet it's an interesting feeling you realize that other lives depend on you and your actions as well as your own when we get to the training center there will be one more classroom training.

Session with you lasting an hour there you will practice the following situation involving designated officers all eyes on the scene when they go to the training center when your exercise will be to put into action what they've learned in my lessons now they should behave in the fields looking through binoculars the platoon commander and his Scout spotter sharpshooter where is he.

Bouncers look spotting a sniper is quite lucky what's your next move eliminate eliminate general Suvorov said that theory without practice means death of course the cadets learn the basics of troop control in the classroom this is the first small step in their training but it's in the combat situation that they have the opportunity to manage troops for real that's when they become.

Fully aware of what's going to happen in real battle we simulate a field combat situation with enemy troops facing them when they are out there they're in full outfit and have communications equipment and combat vehicles at their disposal piano suga-kun or first line about turn and on your left knee how much machine-gunners shoulder your weapons get your magazines out and load them I'm.

Indifferent to some small arms I don't really think that I don't like using them it's just I don't really get much out of them others well that's a different story when I hold them in my hands I think yes I see myself as a great spy or a paratrooper is your magazine fold have a look we don't use live ammunition during practice yes but even blame carriages are dangerous if.

You fire point-blank for instance you might harm the soldier we've seen many examples like you can even put a hole for plywood if you fire close enough even blanks can be deadly all section commanders to me listen up the enemies in the populated area of Donahue one and a half kilometers from here but she must capture and destroy the enemy when you slow sobriety única we begin advancing.

From the eastern side this little punter thought I'd in a second section will send the Scout squad I'm in command with the first section the third section will provide cover that's all move out videos March to the left onion get in when our unit was on the move one of the armored vehicles broke down.

The third section immediately disbursed from it shouldn't be Kanak said about repairing the incapacitated vehicle one more time such situations do happen sometimes we would have abandoned the vehicle in a combat situation got the motion later it would have been fixed by especially you know but on that occasion we had to have it fixed because we needed the vehicle for training purposes.

She needed the most it was repaired by driver mechanics because they've got a lot of experience with that vehicle it's pretty heavy damn it put it around the drive wheel I think we could have fixed it ourselves we know how to handle caterpillar tracks because we've practiced it it's relatively similar which frustum timmikins the driver mechanics quickly.

Fixed the vehicle in the meantime we put up a defense perimeter at one point we spotted two enemy soldiers finished it'll choke engage engage go to the left platoon fire no I can utilize it once the enemies spotted this should be taken out mush we eliminated them this time socially yes great section advance two at a time we're going to clear the building.

New attention number one number two number three go we can't just head straight to the population center because enemy troops may have set up defenses this means we have to comb through the area and inspect the buildings though the job was entrusted to the second section adenine UFO I know the task was well I don't know how to explain it better.

Their task was to discover and destroy the enemy especially forward I'm almost 10 this is oma 201 I see civilians warmbier my mod 0/1 I'm not 10 read you over boy you ready to go forward well when my section inspected a couple of households we found civilians there but no enemy troops everything worked out fine in the end.

Still brushless special come on section commanders to me now into the trench where you'll be told about your target move inside me there's a bit of fear excitement interest yes sir the desire to quickly complete the task my heart starts pounding twice as fast attention section commanders we are now on the northernmost edge of the ruins.

They're up to thirty enemy troops here thought is what the objective is to destroy them and seize the building's the first assault group will take control of the first floor a group with a second assault group is to take the first floor of the second building the rear guard will cover the entire platoon the guy seen before now we write out I'll be waiting for you in the vehicle.

But sit-in get in my joke of a group head to the third vehicle execution tactics training is exciting you get immersed in the roles and forget about everything else you're completely caught up in the situation really avoid gear with Leticia to Odyssey what is yoga you know you have only seen.

It before in films and computer games and you feel that you're the main hero of the film you always have to be alert to quickly react to read the terrain you know I think part of it is creativity go go go faster when you sit in a classroom and give orders that's one thing you've got enough time to think everything over and figure out what you can say or do and.

How to do it but when you are on the battlefield and seek sturgeons going off all around you your thoughts become messed up say you need to pull yourself together as you guys do you realize that you are responsible for those people move forward there was one moment when a fellow service woman named Katya was too close.

To me and she was only a couple of meters away when she fired off a sniper round Kesley toe at first I thought somebody had fired from one of the vehicles I turned around only to seek out there with a big grin on her face she apologized to me yes yeah it's fine there are snipers on the second floor oh gosh no of course all the platoon.

Soldiers need to be alert all the time otherwise and the teachers instructing us in tactics give us tasks of the kind that we might use in battle obviously nobody should be killed in the process but other than that everything is real engagements takeovers and gunfire what weapons ammunition it's all real yeah - the only thing that I don't like is.

That we use blank cartridges if we no no I don't mean that we need live ammunition we just have no other way of knowing whether we've hit somebody or not that this is I suggest using something like paint pellets so we can see what we've actually when you're sitting somewhere waiting for the offensive you see the troops coming nobody knows whether anybody is hit -.

Cause your voice doesn't carry that far but even if somebody hears you they can't understand who you're addressing good should go forward group she had a verse in 2nd the doors on the left go big heads up when we began storming the building it felt authentic I really liked it because the action felt so real I even felt scared because somebody could have genuinely be heard going but.

Everything worked out fine we made the most of our training exercise these drills are very useful because it takes training closer to the real thing LM juiced for instance the cadets get used to the sound of gunfire if God forbid we have to go to war and we have to be deployed in combat then we're likely to find our job a bit easier the.

Building has been captured forward group yes machine for the guys they tend to be slower on the uptake but when they do a job they see it through to the end would you chat with the girls it's a bit different yesterday in Stoke they come up against problems they might give in to them so you may be seen during breaks in lessons I ask them sometimes how they see themselves in the future let's talk.

To them either collectively or individually and they're serious about serving in the army those in it they are a determined lot wait ladies we propose and he left over rounds checked that's more project that's motrin checked that's mortar there are moments when it suddenly occurs to you that you might be sent on a combat mission at some point in the.

Future but that's why you keep a watch on your unit for impivaara simple reasoning but I trust my country I'm sure they will follow my lead and back me up you have it understand you they'll never betray me see that but you think don't you put this just a nice get-together for the picture hurry up everybody come here.

Lizzy wait some where's the camera perfect forward march when we started we were told that it's not for women that we better pack up because we wouldn't be able to cope with the training you go ahead and what do you need all this for why are you here they would say to us and then there was.

One guy who said that our maternal instinct was so powerful that it wasn't a family we should protect but the whole country so I seen a soloist which are you obstacle-course came as a surprise to us you want a difficult obstacle that would.

Be a ruined building on fire where there isn't much left of it here you get used to the explosions and gunfire as everyone got a rifle apart from the specialists who doesn't have a rifle everyone got their weapons yeah Berthier when we came to the Academy we were all so excited here was a bunch of girls trained to be paratroopers how could.

That be you wouldn't believe that it was real I rolled machine gun is fully equipped I can't say that my childhood dream was to be a paratrooper in the Army you know I wanted to be an actress or a doctor trying to find a place where I would be needed the most where would fulfill my potential.

Come here everybody this is how you handled the cartridge pouch you attach it to the bell and that's it nice report for inspection somebody's attention company fall in good morning comrades four one six one four one six one four six eight no no it's mine take it oh six six for me the fact that we are.

Allowed to go to military academy is remarkable it's not open to everybody


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