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Star Trek: Discovery Season 1 Ending Explained

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Star Trek: Discovery's first season finale ("Will You Take My Hand?") wrapped up the season's story arc quickly and cleanly, but it might have left a few of you scratching your heads. Don't worry: we break down the ending, the fate of the crew members, and what it means for Season 2.
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what's up guys CJ here and welcome back to another all new HN Star Trek video maybe the last one for a little while was this one is going to be explaining the ending of Star Trek Discovery's season 1 finale episode 15 will you take my hand and what that all means for season 2 that's Frank Discovery's first season for all of its controversy came.

To an end last night in a metaphorically if not literally explosive episode which saw the discovery crew bring an end to the klingon war and save the federation how well that's something that confused followers of the show who actually have been watching the show but if you've been keeping up via recaps like ours or elsewhere you might have been a little more confused by it all but fear not.

That's where we come in well the initial plan set forth by the Federation was actually the brainchild of the mirror universes version of Philippa Georgio aka the Terran Emperor under the guise that the discovery was mapping Chronos with sensor drones and her home universe though Giorgio destroyed the Klingon homeworld of Kronos by detonating a hydrogen bomb the planet's expansive.

Network of active volcanoes causing planet wide devastation the Federation facing the annihilation of Earth was willing to do that again basically committing genocide to survive unable to accept this moral no-win scenario Burnham managed to convince Starfleet and Admiral Cornwell that giving in to their fears and abandoning their principles would basically.

Compromise everything they stood for and devised a risky alternative urn and played on the seemingly cold Georgio's fondness for her universes version of Michael by setting her up with a tough choice kill her or give her the bomb George you eventually relented and went free as part of her deal with snore fleet which Michael honored it's unclear how Terran Georgio is going to be.

Involved in future seasons of Star Trek discovery but her existence in this new universe is extremely interesting I mean I'm really glad they didn't kill her off I was already bummed about Jason Isaacs leaving the show Michelle Yeoh being there and sticking around is definitely for the show's benefit and she sets up kind of as a recurring villain slash antihero for Burnham in the discovery.

Crew next year I mean maybe kind of in the vein of Q from next generation so what do they do with the detonator well buckle up this is a big part of the finale they choose to give the big red button to Rell the Klingon Vox buddy and follower of Takuma knowing that Klingons only respond to strength larell uses the detonator as basically the ultimate.

Strength uniting the warring clans under her rule or else you know I'd be sitting there wondering why the Klingons would go along with that and honestly we don't really get an explanation as to that point but I think it goes back to their behavior in their psychology in general it's been well established in the franchise and specifically interests at length in this series that they just.

Respond to strength and literally having that detonator the ability to destroy their home planet it will basically makes larell the strongest person the strongest Klingon I should say around what I'm more interested in is what the Takuma inspired larell ruled Klingon Empire looks like and what role it will play in future seasons and I'm just I mean I've got a gut feeling that we.

Haven't seen the last that detonator it's literally a bomb sitting at the center of Chronos something tells me that's gonna come up we know the Klingon Empire will probably play at least a little bit of a role in future seasons because of Tyler walk as of last episode he's come to a sort of balance between his two halves with the memories of both characters under.

Tyler's personality despite making up with Burnham during this episode Tyler Volk ultimately makes the decision to go with Laurel and her quest to unite the clans hoping to serve as a bridge between humans and Klingons as he's from both worlds but doesn't really fit in either with the war ended the remaining discovery crew returns to earth lauded as heroes of the Federation and all.

Receiving medals while Burnham now fully reinstated for her actions as a commander gives a speech about the values of Starfleet something they were really harping on in this episode overall the episode is a whole the diplomatic resolution urging Starfleet not to abandon their values even with their backs against the wall and facing certain annihilation and the speech.

About values at the end it all seems to be basically an on the nose nod towards the complaints from some fans about the series not being quote-unquote Star Trek enough the season comes to a close with the discovery on a relatively auspicious voyage traveling with CEREC to Vulcan to pick up the ship's new captain that's right so route isn't going to be the captain for the future.

He's just the acting captain on this final voyage but the new captain will be a Vulcan which will be an interesting dynamic but the season couldn't end without a major cliffhanger could it after just initiating warp to Vulcan the ship receives a distress call from none other than the NCC 1701 the USS Enterprise itself this includes a hail from Captain Christopher Pike the.

Second captain of the enterprise who took over from the first Captain Robert April several years before the events of discovery he's also the man that Kirk takes over from some 10 years after the events of discovery the discovery drops out of warp created by the still shiny relatively brand-new just a 12 year old enterprise which we see in sleek new CG rendered glory albeit still strongly.

Resembling its original series design believe it or not this isn't just a one-off Easter Egg for this cliffhanger ending and according to serious executive producer Alex Kurtzman the enterprise will have a part to play next season it's not going to be a huge one it's probably not going to be a main recurring one and it might just be a guest spot on the premiere but it will.

Have a part to play obviously this is at least a really cool Easter Egg and at best a pretty huge nod for the fans especially with that classic look the ship is sporting but beyond that there's a pretty huge connection that we might see explored mr. Spock if you've been following the series you know that Michael Burnham the series main character is Spock's adopted sister.

Taken in by his Vulcan father Sarek and his human wife Amanda while Spock is only directly referenced in one episode of the show he might show up if the enterprise in her crew does make a physical appearance as he was the science officer to Captain Pike on the enterprise and was incredibly loyal to his captain Kurtzman said that the enterprise playing a role doesn't.

Necessarily mean that we'll be seeing Spock in the flesh but he did say that the crossover does provide an opportunity to clear up some connectivity issues between discovery and the rest of the prime timeline for example why Spock sister has never before been mentioned let us know what you thought of season 1 of Star Trek discovery and where you hope the series.

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Roger Russell • 5 дней назад
If you have to explain an ending, it's a lousy ending. Of course, that's fitting for a lousy series.
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Reo White • 7 дней назад
So that female clingon has a keypad that canvtrigger an explosion in the core .....tell me how u couldnt just take the keypad away from her and kill her and destroy the pad? Oh thats right its just lazy writing
👍 0
Douglas Ducote • 8 дней назад
especially in the bedroom. 😉
👍 0
MrPlayfulOtter • 11 дней назад
If Jim Kirk was YOUR friend you'd keep your sister a secret too!
👍 0
Kenichi • 14 дней назад
Everyone bitches about spock not mentioning he has a sister. I have been at my job for 3 years and nobody knows I have a sister. I don't go around in the middle of doing my duties and go '' oh by the way I have a sister, just in case you ever need to know that one day". Ffs your all so whiny.
👍 0
damnyourpasswords • 18 дней назад
i repeat: where was the Heroic Last Stand and CounterAttack of the Federation?
that would cause the Klingons to withdraw and cause in-House disputes and fights, and pose no threat anymore?
....so the Federation was a bunch of Afraid and Incompetent little worms that would bomb a planet to survive. and got lucky and survived because of crazy chance , 1 in a trillion.
... and that is the Federation we watch for 50 years and love.....
👍 0
damnyourpasswords • 18 дней назад
I just watched S1 ! - despite some story flaws, it is a good series for a Trekie just Fine. BUT on the last episode = the FACK that an ex
mutineer science officer would just decide not to follow orders, and confront (and win) the Highest ranking Admiral at the precipice of
GENOSIDE and say ="do you want another mutiny?" this is a Fleet or a Highschool? and in the end speech, it was that science officer LECTURING THE WHOLE FEDERATION? the admirals the President the Counsil of hundreds of worlds? all these are shit - completely.
Look at the difference in DS9 where the chain of command was indisputable, orders were orders. even the self righteous Sisko would shut up.... but this MaRey Sue actually does whatever she wants! in all aspects! the most self righteous person in history!
I really believe that they had no more time and money, so they wrapped it up quickly. This was an ANTICLIMAX to all that we expected= = A Heroic LAST STAND and COUNTER ATTACK of the Federation that would cause the Klingons to fight eachother, etc. You reduced the Federation to a bunch of stupid, afraid, incompetent little worms, that would bomb a planet, and survived because of a CHANCE EFFECT?? not because they were worthy!!!!!!!!!! the alterative Universe had better characters!
AS we see in STAR WARS too, and possibly in future Marvel , the Producers want = less story / more jokes , Incredibly strong self-righteous flawless characters, and some quick whatever battle with no strategy etc. Kirk was no flawless!, Picard was sensitive, Sisko was overwhelmed by feelings, Janeway was caring and mother hen, Archer was a cowboy lost in new york trying to understand what was going on, all of them completely depended on their friends for decisions and actions = but what is Michael?
👍 0
Simon Ratcliffe • 1 месяц назад
3 mins very well spent, thank you!
👍 0
florian frueh • 1 месяц назад
its not a bad show...buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut its not a good show either. its just.....well first of all stolen, and second its just....boring...if i had to rate it its like a 5/10. nothing special in both ways....
👍 0
Wardad • 1 месяц назад
Yhis series redeemed itself in the end for me ,still hate the look of the Klingons and their ships though.
👍 0
jacob brown • 1 месяц назад
well this didnt age well. we now know pike is the new capatain and they pick up spock.
👍 0
Roger Brown • 1 месяц назад
Discovery created a new phenomenon..A Suck Hole . It sucks so bad that not even light can escape.
👍 1
Andrew Walker • 1 месяц назад
Why don't they use the spoor drive on every starship
👍 0
Esra z • 1 месяц назад
👍 0
Miller Mayhem • 2 месяца назад
what a dogshit series
👍 0
Mel Baker • 2 месяца назад
It's funny, the majority of people commenting have clearly never watched the series. As someone who was in a bring back the original series club as a teenager... I rank this series as perfectly good Star Trek. All of the silly purists have some other issues that make them unable to see and idea expand and grow. Remember the first Star Trek was incredibly sexist, so does that mean that it "wasn't Star Trek," since clearly the Federation is an egalitarian society.
👍 0
jetfire1153red • 2 месяца назад
Just because they're going to Vulcan to pick up the USS discovery's new Captain leading into series 2 does not necessarily mean that the new captain is going to be a vulcan.
👍 0
TheChosen2030 • 2 месяца назад
Why the fuck does the main character have a mans name for
👍 1
Thomas Wallace • 2 месяца назад
So frustrating. Drop-kick the whole Discovery thing and let us watch the pre-Kirk Enterprise with Pike as captain. That would be a mega-hit.
👍 0
Brent's video journal • 2 месяца назад
Great season. Hoping it looks more into all the charters and where they are from.
👍 0