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MASSIVE NEW DISCOVERY! Russian Salisbury Chemical Attack

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TrutherDave finds a massive discovery at the site of the Russian Salisbury chemical attack.... AND he tests to see just how indestructible passports really are.


hello everyone truth Dave here back with another video for you since my last one about the femur camp in toys are especially all Toys R Us is being FEMA camps now I'd usually the starter video start with shoutouts and things like that and fan comments because there's a lot of them.

But I was watching a video about how to get more views and more subscribers which is a bit odd because I don't need more views or more subscribers I don't have problem there but it did say to keep people keep your viewers waiting for something towards the end of the video so that's what I'm going to do so if you would like to see that you've had a shout out then wait till the end what.

Nope well watch the video to the end and then you will see because I'm not going to tell you now but it obviously a big surprise as to the shout out some things so what's it but okay so the point of the video today is its massive massive breaking news and 100% proof of what's happened with the Salisbury chemical attack that the Russians did so but I said I found a website now we've got to.

Be careful because a lot of alternative truth websites they're not actually the truth a lot of them are made up with really and that I have proof everything except the ones that I read so I found one and it's true because they've got pictures as well and if you ever find an alternative website and selling you some really interest information you're not sure if it's true.

First thing to do is go to snopes.com and have a look on there and if they've not got it listed there so and so they haven't said it's not true because it's not there then it is true so you'll be you'll be fine and this one I found the link on Facebook and Facebook we have to be careful because some of that isn't true either but Facebook did put a filter on there.

Their feeds and things to filter out fake news so basically you can be pretty much sure that everything you see on Facebook now is true but if you're ever not completely sure just check how many likes it's got and I've said this before and I'll say it again it's very important like on Facebook but my posts that I do get about six eighty thousand likes usually on it on a good day.

So then you know that what I'm saying is true because you might have lice it's got but you see some other posts I don't have like two or three likes and that's pretty much a good way to know that it's not true so this one that I found on Facebook it had it had fifty 58 58 likes at the time that I found it and that is probably probably more likes now so it's more than two or three so you know it's.

Gonna be okay but what it says and this this is the breaking news that will probably be on Sky News and CNN and Fox News and ITV News is that British police find Putin's passports at scene of souls be poison attack and there's a picture that you should be able to see now and it says Souls break last doubts over Russia's guilt in poisoning former Spicer geese.

Crippled scream pal have been eliminated as the British government announced today the passport of Russian President Vladimir Putin was found at the scene in Salisbury according to prime minister Theresa May the passport was only now found in another search of the scene as it had been hidden under a fallen leaf Russia has 24 hours to extradite Vladimir Putin for questioning in London.

According to a statement issued by the British government refusal will be taken as admission of guilt all right so it's pretty serious it's also pretty conclusive that definitely not just Russia did it but Fatima Putin did it and I I'm predicting that this is probably now the start of world war free I know had a lot of other starts available free I never really got.

Going but this one definitely so you can guarantee that for sure if you would endure in well oh that's a bit over how the passport to keep surviving everything because they're made of paper and things but think that's it this is it this isn't the passport that they found this not term Vladimir Putin's Passport but this is my passport because it's a.

British one and these basically they're pretty much they are because I've tested it because people were saying are with the twin towers and things or how did the passports get at the bottom of the twin towers of all the rubble and the fire and the jet fuel and things like that and our wives it every time there's a terrorist attack was all as a passport found should just be.

Destroyed specially on like the the vests that blow up and things you would think but and this is the problem in the truth community because we just say things like that but we don't test anything we don't look into it for ourselves so when I read this story I for it's about time someone like the biggest truth channel on YouTube so me should.

Set an example to the community and actually test the passports to see how strong they are and basically I have you ever tried to rip a passport because it's bit like it's trying to rip a phone book and you can't do it you cannot rip the a passport and burn them throw them from a very high building and probably shoot it with a nerf gun and that wouldn't do.

Anything to it either they are invincible basically so if you sponge about that story said that is 100% proof on camera about that story and and also it proves have things about passports as well so now now now you know when you see those things so that's basically it but if I find any more news you said obviously I'll let you know because you'll be watching me now I on to the.

Shoutouts I reached 250,000 subscribers fans last week so that's but that is a quarter of a million so it's it pretty much a milestone so I thought I would just give some shoutouts to some random people just really the first ones that come up on the list just to keep everyone involved so a big and you don't have to.

Pay for these either these ones because these ones do free but if you do want shoutouts in the future because the truth is free then obviously I have to get some money from somewhere else so they are now what I think those were anyway but I actually enforced the charge but now I'm gonna have to at $20 per shout-out now and if he wondering where that money goes to basic with all.

The donations and the patreon subscription payments everything else I've already had I've upgraded my camera equipment to a P 900 with your money and that's what I'm using now as you can see it makes a massive difference to the quality of the video and I probably use it as well night time to look at the Stars and the ISS things I so thank you very much for all of that but obviously.

Keep on donating more so I think it's a round and round massive shoutout I see free shout out this time miss lemon kins just the same as well obviously it won't be free anymore super champion rocker that's a new person that I've not seen on the channel before obviously one of the two and 50,000 fans.

Ted Edwards I gave Ted Edwards shout out last time but he he doesn't seem to have reappeared again so so anyway Stephen Chadwick Paula me I'm pretty sure there's some others as well so if I am if I what I know there's others the thousands but what I want to do there was a new person but obviously amongst all the the other D people called Kelly big and she.

Compton on my last video about Toys R Us B Afyon counts about how I was taken to the theme camp and and she said display your subs so we can see them and what I've been trying to explain in a lot of comments back and forth to Kelly B is that I don't display the subs on this channel because with the amount the amount of how they 250,000 I want people to focus on the truth not how popular I.

Am because that's the problem in the truth movement you get leaders like me and I could say anything and you would just believe it because you know how popular I am so I've I don't have the sub count visible because I just want people to focus on the truth but it is about it what is 200,000 per doesn't matter and you know I don't like to publicize that fact because you be.

Embarrassing having so many but yeah so but in an interesting conversation they're so Oh share this video share it as much as you can and I'll see you on the next video with your payments and the email address to send the PayPal donations to will be in the comment box but just send as much as can and then I might buy another p900 and then I can but do them together.

Double the pictures okay so I'll see you on the next video


nitzlnader • 11 месяцев назад
i dont think that puttin needs to do it himself an aspeciali they find his paspoort i think thats a hoaks to have a reason to start ww3 ? thiss woman Terressa mey do you know who she is ? didnt she wanted to make an antrax poisening in the railway or something like this well me personely I dont trust her at all !!!!!!!!! Not one of them of those leaders do you?
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TrutherDave • 11 месяцев назад
nitzlnader I didn't believe that it was Putin either but then I found the website article that said it was...
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SuperChampionRocker • 11 месяцев назад
Which Superchampionrocker are you shouting out here? It's a very popular name. I hope it's me.
👍 1
TrutherDave • 11 месяцев назад
There's 37 Superchampionrocker's on my sub...fans list. If you send a PayPal donation of $80 I can check which email address the Superchampionrocker I shouted out used
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Robert Peden • 11 месяцев назад
As educational as ever and tru, best truther on YouTube.
👍 1
TrutherDave • 11 месяцев назад
Robert Peden Glad you enjoyed it and congratulations on winning the competition 😀😀😀
👍 1