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The Man In Love With Bicycles

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Kees is no ordinary bike lover. He's the Hugh Hefner of bicycles. Kees is what's known as an Objectum Sexual, someone who has an intimate love relationship with an object. 
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Kees loves his bicycles very much. The Dutch are known for their love of bicycles, but Kees takes his affection to the extreme. He’s the Hugh Hefner of bicycles. He shares his home with more than 30 girlfriends... ...and if they’re lucky, a kiss or even more. Objectum Sexuals believe their objects have a soul and love them back. It’s a term coined in the 1970’s by someone who married the Berlin Wall. It is not known worldwide how many identify as Objectum Sexuals. An objectum sexual is someone who actually has a personal intimate love relationship with.

An object, emphasis on the relationship. Kees’ love affair with bikes began as a young boy. And sometimes, Kees feels the urge to add to his harem. One special bike catches Kees’ eyes. Objectum Sexuality is not officially recognizedpsychiatric syndrome and I’m not sure it should be. As long as people aren’t hurting anybodyand they are finding a way to get pleasure in their life and establish some kind of satisfyingrelationship even if it’s with an object. I don’t know that we should go about pathologizingit. Ultimately, Keeswould like to meet someone to ride with. A bike lover just like himself..


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