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iPhone Game Battle | Dude Perfect 2

Опубликовано: 3 года назад
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We've been working on this game with Miniclip for almost 2 years now and we hope you guys absolutely love it!!! And best of all, it's FREE!!!
If you love the game, please leave us a review in the App Store!!
Thanks for being amazing!
Pound it. Noggin.
- Dude Perfect


What's up guys welcome to the fe d p igb first ever dude perfect I thought today we are playing the brand-new just hit the market today free Department to game let's get started first two contestants the rules for the battle are simple high score wins first up here at verse Kobe here we go hit that beautiful icon in the bottom right there we go it's pretty Panna Wow.

Of course cause shooting never lets anybody nail didn't even tell which ones you which one is it oh that guy in the purple the purple Jose I look like Blake Griffin in your care let me get my character got a change let's equip that bad boy all right here we go good luck my man oh my god I won a little Oh 68 oh you all right there it is true.

That I do the worst accent impressions just ask anybody here you go wow how did you do it even priests are you guys you gave it your best effort there buddy boy that is frustrating for a guy who plays this every day I'm impressed hey I'm moving on guys cheer for the hoser in the final second round cody burst ty here we go time a next man in the hot seat change.

Your character ty has a beard on his face your nose were on the ranch now hi ranch time we got hay bales we got tractors okay all right but I losing the ball or the basketball I'm going basketballs right now okay thank you okay throwing a bowling ball oh well not good I'm trying to blow up the guy on the tractor that's a nice oh wow not in 29 Shaggy's.

Score of 57 94 1 2 star though no I'm not t-bone I'm uh it's kind of like a power fist see my happy with my performance mile Radian I'd probably do one of these I'm not like yeah but I'm not like oh it's changing characters okay change character I can do there I am little tall and very loud that's pretty true you and ranch land we are like oh now we're going here we go.

All right go nope oh gosh I'm doing treat you're a tree you shorted oh not good this is a great score okay that's what I need to throw the ball o3o you got great down one right there and it's not at the same time that might have a change okay here we go hey there's potential ha ha ha I'm not even gonna finish the get one left.

Finish it I'm just yeah I'm just gonna stick to dizzy sports this is not mine come on long before it goes in that is actually represents my life right now you're happy but you're sad next up we've got Cory first Garrett let's do it they're back in the hot seat we are now on DP HQ I got a treat for you guys i'm gonna click over to premium we're gonna baseball bat our way to victory.

Here we go haka sir what are you thinking right now Oh Mike Oh Oh close you know what close that doesn't like the DB HQ though I guess it's okay there we go tiny notice the posters on her wall dude no way let's go I feel good there's no way Corey can be no way in the history of the world changer character you a superhero here we go oh you want a buff.

Dude killed it oh wow aren't you going up the ramp that was incredible dirt yeah for the win ah what's me JJ great elevation felt like I let all my purple hoes your fans down I will say my superhero helped out a little bit I don't if you were in your superhero body yeah yeah I was all righty folks it is finals time for T vs tide you remember ty got.

The upper hand and the shark battle in Florida it's time for revenge go down come of a boar man big Melvin here the champions whoo this is where champions are in my case super heroes are made time to change my character to the super hero laser vision not fail me now here we go Inez and folks we can I in the platform drop the bowling ball up quick me oh no.

What are you doing what's he doing right now wow dude incredible all right folks gonna be honest that wasn't a great performance I doesn't know so if you might think that it took three tries in any play iPhone games us which frustrate about us feel like that took forever I'm just saying not gonna tell you whether you get or bad change.

Your character and play level 50 all right equiping cowboy time C is so near me New York do you mean agree no no I don't count me down I will count myself down when I'm red white and blocking the mouth and this is me and the view me and you one knows nothing Oh what is he you be acquiring it's literally fired from the bowling balls Oh No Oh what happened to cowboy time if you have.

Both hands actually nobody journey in but this will help I our first trophy it does just feel it's my first one I are you lose sleep over that tonight not at all not at all I don't know no I Walt if you say so let's go find my trophy ladies and gentlemen welcome to the trophy presentation here you go for thank ya well that is over - perfect - is live on the app.

Store and if you would like to play it for free you can click here right you can also click here yup and you can also click here do anything or just search dude perfect - on iOS and Android sign up for now I'm time I'm Kobe I'm Cody I'm Corey I'm giving you more time to click the button and I don't know why we did that because we've never done that before ever but we are signing off pound.

It and dogs do it as you can tell them a little sick so do it for ty I vote for real just do it for me and follow me follow me on this oh why would you do that found it and noggin


Sehej Deo • 4 часа назад
Keep calm and always love Sehej 😎
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Sehej Deo • 4 часа назад
U guys should play Fortnite playground agents each other u can play on phone each
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Samuel Galioto • 13 часов назад
purple hoser purple hoser
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kid fortnite • 17 часов назад
2019 better love you try fortnite with another pro player
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Prionti Shuman • 22 часа назад
I played that game
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Andres Chiquito • 1 день назад
When I play this game I actually play as Coby
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John Gribben • 1 день назад
1987 anyone
Just kidding
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Fart Father Butthead • 1 день назад
You guys videos are awesome
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T Slade • 1 день назад
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Heidi Rickels • 2 дня назад
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Gordon Dryden • 2 дня назад
hockey you should battle next
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Revathy Suresh • 2 дня назад
I like you bro
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ItsAimBot • 2 дня назад
On the phone when Garret’s there there’s a app called tweetbot???
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Sanila Sanil • 3 дня назад
Cory is my favorate charater
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Benjamin Herndon • 3 дня назад
I have the same game
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Keel • 3 дня назад
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Jessica Cox • 3 дня назад
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Joshua Arthur • 3 дня назад
Dp is lit
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Mahmoud Ballout • 3 дня назад
Nice game really👌❤️
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Gordon Brown • 3 дня назад
I have it
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