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Assassin's Creed® Origins Discovery tour

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Episode hello why don't you have the time so it's been why did you decline me right dudes you guys hurt um from that was my friend by the way sorry about that today we are playing Assassin's Creed origins who's excited for this brand-new discover Tour mode now I don't know what it is actually.

But it's good discovered tour and yeah I'm not sure what it is I think it's just like bunch of like boss fights stuff I don't know but yeah I haven't completed this game so I don't know what it is and why I've got it but I haven't done it yet so yeah today I guess we'll just be chillin see what this mode is all about right.

Welcome to Discovery tour by assassin's creed ancient Egypt okay so is this a good episode or something I'll just get me in druggist.

Welcome to Alexandria Alexander's plan to build his great city began with a verse from Homer's Odyssey there is in front of Egypt in the sea with many swamp oh that's the Odyssey long way guided by these clues Alexander the Great founded his future City at the western end of the Nile Delta so this is a new mode right though.

Alexander considered this location ideal for his great city it presented considerable challenges to difficult to access during storms the surrounding swamps threatened disease and the limestone soil the great walls of Alexandria excavations led by men read that I'm not gonna let him read all of it approximately five point two kilometers in length and 2.2 Kalama.

These formidable ancient walls there you go you got some read that including fending off the king of Syria in 169 BC sorry it wasn't until 295 C news that they eventually fell to Roman Emperor Diocletian and this only after eight months of relentless assault you guys read the principal architect democrates chose a HIPAA demian grid.

Plan the grid maximized functionality with wide straight roads and canal a Central Corridor goes to read that pours it down to like if just could not get it you could just pause it read it right Alexandria was most likely built upon an already existing Egyptian village upon its completion the Egyptians reviled the city refusing to call it by its founders name instead they called it rockin the.

Building as a mark of disdain which was later Hellenized into rock Otis despite this the name Alexandria would remain so guess this is a whole new game right it looks like we're done so well this is actually cool wow that's actually so cool please a kid in the storyline go faster kids rolling compared to like.

The men and stuff and the women look how fast they do it Jesus Christ they're putting the other ones to shame my name is assassin Andrea and I am the greatest assassin the rise I think I'm grilling this episode here anyway guys I'm just gonna call this assassins creed the tour of ancient Egypt thanks for watching and ya guys to enjoy this video and subscribe and yeah.

I guess I will be catching you guys in the next one peace


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