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Бешеный стиль SRT8. Распечатали пленку на принтере.

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Замутили бешеный стиль моему чероки. Нарисовали и распечатали камуфляж.
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Friends, it's time to take care of the appearance of my car I want to make it bright First, he still needs body repair, because the car is 2005 year So there are all crack, damage, etc. Secondly, I do not like the front bumper This is a very unshapely bumper. Of all the bumpers, this is probably the worst, because How could be come up with it? What is this bump stop? What for he here? He doesn't fit here at all, so.

We will install SRT bumper and make the car much brighter. Also, then the question: "What to do with the car at all?" To paint it, or to paste over with vinyl? There are many people, mostly car painters, who say: "only dye," also, give many arguments in favor of their position. Vinyl masters say this is also a good option, also many arguments, but I will rely on my own experience. I coloration the past car. So what did I get?.

After a couple of months of operation of the dyed car she was all in the cracks Well, not all, but in a front side of them, they were. So this is very unpleasant. Also, I had to paste over a car with an armored film Question: "Why paint the car, and then still glue, if you can do everything much faster and stick the film right away." However, many will say: "If the paste over film on the old car, a car will rot you instantly.".

Rust under the film as in an incubator spreads much faster then if you just ride with unmanufactured metal. Moreover, you all are right. Therefore, first, we will have to go to the painters in any case. If you think that your car does not have such rust stains, then it is in perfect condition, you are greatly mistaken. Almost all cars that have some kind of at least a ten-year mileage on our roads.

Also, they never dyed, in any event have cracks, chipped paint, etc. Be sure to must apply a matte layer on the car, See if there are any nuances and fixed them. Moreover, the preparation for paste over is the same as for painting, even a little more scrupulous. we can not be afraid to glue the film on the car, if made good preparation. What we are doing now. I want to draw attention to the fact that the machine produced in 2005,.

It has more than 300 thousand kilometers mileage. However, the car is completely in factory paint. Moreover, we did not find any signs of repair, car body in perfect condition. It's hard to find a car of this year, with this mileage, so that it is not rusty, and it is not rusty! We cleaned only small cracks. Even sites where quite a lot of metal was shot: there was a little crack that over time, it turned into a rust bug,.

Also, was more trimmed to for sure. So in fact, the car was in perfect condition, The car first saw what a painter is. That is, really cool. Not every car will live in such a state. Now all the dents are putty and aligned, where the paint is cleaned before the metal will be applied the primer also, the machine will be ready for pasting. So, friends, we are in ReFormaStyling, where I will paste over film on the car..

So now many people have a question: "Is it possible to glue the film on the primer coat?" Because there is a widespread belief that if just put the film on the primer coat, then it will peel off. So this opinion, on the one hand, is correct, The fact is that there is one nuance. There is a technology of preparation, that is, it is not enough just to prime, also, paste over film on top, We need a magical process, which we will not tell. In general, Pasha knows how to stick a film on the primer so that it does not come off..

If you take a film and stick it on the primer... There is a risk that it will swell and peel off. Each film manufacturer has its glue, moreover, it may not have adhesion with the primer, Each primer consists of its components. In general, if you want to prepare your car cheaply, from a can fill it with primer and paste over with a cheap film, but your film is likely to swell up. This is done only by professionals, only with quality components, with traditional materials, then everything will be fine..

Either Montana. Montana good, but not this time. A separate story is a chrome. I want to leave chrome because it is "American style," but on the other hand, bright and brilliant details will not be a looking good so chrome will be black. We paint all the chrome parts in black gloss, however, on top of chrome, of course, nobody dye, therefore you must first remove the chrome, for this, there is a special... "bath" is called, right?.

In general, a chemical bath in which all chrome is removed also, then it will be possible to work with this plastic normally. *commercial* I drove 6 years on a camouflage car, because camouflage, logical, I like, So now I want to drive in a car with camouflage. I understand that now it is old even many bloggers have cars in camouflage, however, it doesn't matter to me, because I make a car for myself, and I want to see her like this.

Moreover, because someone else did that? I'm not going to give up on this idea. In general, for me draw such a beautiful style on a car, after that everything was transferred to vector graphics, also, now it all goes to print. We will print on film; there are special machines. It will be printed on film with a special printer, from above everything will be laminated, it will be very reliable. Printing a drawing on the film will allow us to avoid at the joints of camouflage any "steps" as it happens when the "pieces" stick randomly.

On car Nothing irregularity anywhere, plus we can print all small details of the picture, which without printing cannot be done. If you want a detailed, beautiful drawing, you need to print it anyway. Such work is challenging, and it is done in stages: first, the guys taped the whole side piece also, now they measure the tags from the car body, to find out where the edge of camouflage spots.

Segue to the next element. That is, where the film should go from side to roof, hood and trunk. After they measure all tags, they will sit down at the computer again, transfer to the vector image the top side of the project, so will print the top elements separately. So, my friends, this is the IlingShow, respectively, we must be faithful to our traditions, so some things went not according to plan. First, we decided to make matte chrome, although, initially wanted a black gloss..

When the car starts to be pasted over the film and takes the final shape You see the car in 3D, not a flat image on the monitor. Also, we decided to make chrome parts matte, because it will look much more harmonious. The lights did not touch, although first wanted to paint the inside in black, however, did not do it now, because why disassemble everything 2 times. All the same, I decided that I wanted to do something with the headlights Need to find people who are engaged in tuning optics and make something beautiful. Moreover, the most important thing is the roof. When we pasted over the side part, we realized that.

If we make the roof in the same style, it will be too motley. The roof needs to be made much darker. We took the same camouflage as a basis, but we strongly toned it. The roof turned out much darker, and now the car is finally ready. Also, it is gorgeous... Finally, my friends, I have a bright car again. I used to ride a burning car. My Golf 4 was in camouflage; it stood out in a stream of cars, everyone looked at him, everyone likes, give way road, no one beep, no one "cut," no one blinked the high beam headlights..

When I bought the Grand Cherokee, it was monophonic, all of my funny life was gone. I wanted it back; finally, I got it. The car turned out great, and as is the case with the Golf 4, the design is unique. You will not find such a design anywhere else in the world. It was designed specifically for me, painted, printed and to paste over. This is not the case when you come to some company and say: "I want to camouflage," and to you stick a print, which the kilometer factory film. So this print is pasted to you and dozens of more cars,.

Also, you'll meet in the parking lot, and look askance at each other. This is completely exclusive. So then you ask a logical question: "Vadim, and what will you do if for some reason you have to re-stick any element, after all, is it a complete exclusive?" However, this is not a problem. This whole project is preserved in ReFormaStyling, moreover, even if I need to re-stick something elements, I just come to them, they open the file, they print out the specific item I need,.

So voila! Everything is glued back. There are no problems with this. A fascinating effect was due to lamination. In ifferent angles and different lighting, colors are displayed differently. That is this color, the lightest... by the way, it is necessary to say separately that the basis is not just some kind of cheap white film, moreover, Oracal 970, which was originally silver. Everything was printed on a silver basis. So, thanks to lamination, this color changes with us. from deep dark gray to bright, almost.

Brushed aluminum color. Same with all other colors. This one is from dark gray to black, this one from light green, probably pale green, to deep green, rolling in dark gray. In general, colors play in the light, depending on the angle under which you look at this, and the roof from here It seems, dark roof with the inscription, and from above you can see that this is camouflage. Cool thing, lamination, plus It protects the film itself..

Also, the guys apply a special coating so saying, that the next 4 months to wash the car is not necessary. I drop in on any self-service car wash, I water the car, and everything will be fine. However, we will check it later. At the moment I am delighted. Also, look at how the bumper looks great. Now the front part has become much more massive, more brutal and looks great. Nothing bulges like before Now everything looks very cool and brutal. The front end is very like. Now the car is like a car..

Not some old brick in which grandfather drives, however, already really like it. *commercials* Like! See how the "brick" has turned out a cool car! In the next part, we will do a fascinating thing. We will do the exhaust. Because 5.7 HEMI should sound, guys! So he can sound very well. We have to build an exhaust with deep bass, however, at the same time that he did not yell at the whole street. In general, it will be interesting, the task is interesting,.

I think it will be interesting to work with such an engine, In general, wait for the next part, the car will look not only beautiful but also sound beautiful. Subscribe to the channel, put like, see you.


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