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In today's video we do the One chip challenge again ... and it was horrible.
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I can't talk properly you guys this is a video that I do not want to make at all like no part of me wants to make this video and honestly I was not gonna make it and I was just gonna like hope that you guys forgot about it but I kept seeing comments you guys are calling us out you guys are like you guys are legit calling us out so we have to do the video technically you're.

Supposed to do this alone but because you know I kind of felt bad that the first time you had it was a prank you know I'm gonna fight with you so we are gonna split the chip don't worry the kids are not eating any of this because that would be straight child abuse you guys are even if you wanted to you're not allowed to yeah they do not want to look how scared they're they're scared.

Just for us to do it it's really spicy do you guys want to try no good cuz even if you wanted to like I said you would not be allowed so guys if you don't know about this chip this trip I mean you can just go and look at the video or Keyshia premie with it it is the most spicy thing not even the spiciest chip in the world it's the spiciest thing in the world.

Period that I've ever eaten I was legit dying and I'm like dreading this my mouth is starting to feel weird I have any eaten it yet without further ado me and quisha are about to die guys Oh Callie's getting some some extra good luck to mommy oh thanks come on we're getting good luck and we honestly need it give me one.

More all right now I can do it I can oh yeah so we gonna open this up quiche how you feeling about this look at the packaging it comes in guys fear the reaper oh my gosh so the good thing is it's already broken you Kathy you can't even touch it it's broken into two pieces already okay kids do not even touch it because if you guys touch it and then lick your fingers.

You guys are gonna be in pain touch it and then rub your feet yeah no don't even touch it guys you can take the small piece this is actually crazy kids give mommy a countdown okay we're gonna do this properly we're gonna do like this smells it's actually like you know it's bad is bad bad bad all right so you know we're gonna do it .

you see how quick that come out scared don't be scared okay thank you a water makes it work properly my eyes are dripping water hiccups Bert kids it's okay we're okay don't worry I'm legit Cheers .

Kelly's lactose intolerant but she can have a tiny bitch no I can only talk a little bit properly now that I had the ice cream how do you feel this is the first timer right here oh hi feel my ears the top of my mouth my father take some cream sorry you're giving that to you never again Casa pizza uh-huh you guys are so cute for health promotion never again am I.

Gonna torture myself for the videos this was legit only because we for some reason agreed to it in the midst of a basketball shootout and then you guys we're holding us accountable in the moment right yeah this is legit tears coming down my eyes this time is a lot worse because we actually try to come swallow this so much taller than me aren't you the only thing that helps is.

Ice cream that this is torture video don't attempt this ever


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