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The Best of The Red Chair Volume 1 | The Graham Norton Show

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Who's up next hi I'm Andrew all right what do you do I'm a headhunter a headhunter it sounds exciting when people say it then you remember how boring it is off you go with your story okay so my fiancee is from the Czech Republic and a big big tradition there on Easter Monday and this is fact is the the girl's big to get whipped where we got these people where they vet it hello.

Who's there hi hi our thanks very good thanks so now oh now are you from the Sweden no I'm not I'm from Northern Ireland oh really I have a very good ear is live in Sweden what what I used to live in Sweden for six months see ya can you speak Swedish I can say one one sentence is it disgusting no okay go okay go ingen rectum.

Oh say again you engine rattling tech it means no junk mail please okay say that again alarm okay yes I think this a is your anyway I can't take anything hello what's your name Petra Petra and where you from Petra I'm from Czech Republic he's just like Happy Easter.

Watch you can sit down it's true it's true we begging to be whipped no no you you don't beg to be whipped you betcha on Easter Monday only on Easter Bunny smile is a tradition that if you get whipped on Easter Monday you will remained beautiful and healthy for the upcoming year or maybe she thought maybe then I'll get it out of the way in the.

One-day instr Tuesday suppose do you have a story or you just read it oh your daughter story off you go off you go yeah so about three years ago my fiancee and I we went to Paris for a romantic weekend and at the hotel I realized I don't have a toothbrush so I decided to pop into the pharmacy while he was waiting outside so I walked back out and I said well you would be surprised but.

French people actually I really know it's impolite and he said well how come and I said well if you show a bit of effort and speak a little bit of French instead of English they really appreciate it and he said so what did you say and I said well I walk in I said Bonjour Monsieur and she would lay and .

Let's even get a story hello nice lady what's your name Jessica Jessica can puke when you hear Jessica by then good she's so sweet she's French she's adorable atomic she's French she said did she say like pelo okay can you ever go in the chair okay go you go and do that again okay where's.

The chair it took all of that man there follow-up on his back okay this story louder oh well basically tonight was very exciting for me because from the time I was about 13 years old I used to have a kind of fantasy or dream about mr. Stallone being my father okay who's up next hi ru hi I just like to say that I think.

Matt Damon is really amazing in the fourth like one of those things okay okay off you go you didn't know yeah he was my husband I'm one of three girls about ten years ago I was on holiday in Dublin checking into in Dublin International Airport a my 11 year old sister starts watching someone check in and she runs up to this person and says oh my god are you man.

Hathaway and then turns around whips off her sunglasses and says hi you can call me Annie and then you know proceeds to interact and talk to all of us asking how our holiday is posing pictures with us it was so nice it was so lovely and that would have been a really great story had it ended there however left my mother then just started crying hysterically about how nice and Hathaway.

Was who naturally none of these people had any context and naturally thought she was batshit crazy for being so lovely and nice and for sorry okay so a few years ago I was teaching in a class and we had the globe sight and the children were discovering all the new countries they'd never seen before and a little boy points Italy says what country is this and I said oh.

That's Papua New Guinea does anybody know why Papua New Guinea is really famous nobody knew so I said well they still eat humans there it's really strange right does anybody know what that is when another human eats another human and this little boy stuck his hand and said yeah I know lesbians Cumberbatch and I were actually.

At the same boarding school we both went to Harrow and there are lots of rumors circulating about what he got up to there I've got your back you didn't only have it okay so I was driving home for Christmas bringing back my grandparents my grandma was in the back of the car and she gets.

Travel sick so we were driving along and she was feeling really bad so we gave her a plastic bag and she just stopped you do that looking forward to this right this is.

Thomas so which of you knows Thomas you so what's your name I'm Jessica Jessica why is Thomas upset with us um Thomas is upset because I've postponed a date for the second time so I could come and be here you see your boyfriend no no we have not been on a date yes so you put him up why did you put him off for the first time my sister and this time Kylie's okay you know that.

Look not that into you can I suggest you take him out tomorrow night when this is on this story all about how my life got flipped don't you dare hello who's there hello sir hello what's your name Thomas okay and where are you from I'm from Durham Durham alright but you live here now yes okay very good off you go with this story Thomas so I.

Asked a girl up a couple of weeks ago and she said yes which was great because she's quite hot and a little joke you schedule put on me in bed come here what style I thought they'd come down as if she wanted to rearrange for next week's a covers your very key but she has given you no indication that she didn't look.

Good thing is he didn't make other plans that's good yeah okay so so this is your decision now this is you this is you sending a message to him so Jessica are we going to flip Thomas or we gonna let Thomas war okay Kylie please we leave him off the red tab literally dumped .



Ivan Reis • 13 дней назад
She says “Kylie, please, ...... off the chair”. What does she say?
👍 0
Alunita Inghinala • 12 дней назад
Leaver him. I may have spelled it wrong, my English grammar is not that good.
👍 0
Ozybeastias • 19 дней назад
I wish they didn’t flip Jessica. She seemed really cute.
👍 0
Veva13 • 21 день назад
0:30 I am slovakian and the guy is talking facts LMAO we get splashed with water as well
👍 0
MICHAEL DUKES • 23 дня назад
Kim Cattrall’s a bit of a misandrist.
👍 0
changezthezworldz • 23 дня назад
WOW! The girl must be self deluded!
👍 0
Omair Sheikh • 25 дней назад
0:38 "Were they vetted?"
Ironic that he asks that about a head hunter
👍 0
Laura Fernandes • 26 дней назад
I got your back
👍 0
Laura Fernandes • 26 дней назад
4:04 no she said pardon?, she's posh 🤣
👍 3
Victoria Heffly • 1 месяц назад
Petra from Czech Republic....... am i the only one getting Jane The Virgin vibes here??
👍 0
mikey fowler • 1 месяц назад
👍 1
mikey fowler • 1 месяц назад
👍 0
Anmol Singh • 1 месяц назад
What happened at harrow...????
👍 0
Abi Alston • 1 месяц назад
“GO ON BABY” omg will smith is the best😂😂
👍 0
Sarah Muller • 1 месяц назад
I’m a simple girl, I see Benedict Cumberbatch I click the video
👍 0
zact lee • 1 месяц назад
Thomas man youre creepy. Please stop.
👍 2
Igor Spitz • 2 месяца назад
Czech republic here : Beg to be whipped? Not true :D
👍 0
Northwish • 2 месяца назад
We don't practice cannibalism in Papua New Guinea!!! Damn, you guys need to update your info!!!
👍 3
MrTruth111 • 2 месяца назад
six months in Sweden and not a word Swedish...
👍 0
Amigo J • 2 месяца назад
Thanks Thomas. Now I feel a lot better about my own rejection.
👍 0
Seyfullah Demirtaş • 3 месяца назад
Did you see the last guy's eyes
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