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Email Marketing Training 2017 | My 1 Million Dollar Discovery Online

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To turn my life around and start from scratch what was my goal to rebuild back to ten million dollars a year but this time do it in less than one year well guess what I did it I discovered the one secret to any online business a secret ninety nine percent are missing it's easy it's fun and it's best now just to prove it I set out on a mission I had five people flying from all over the.

Country all of them with dreams of having their own online business what was my goal to change their lives within 24 hours using my one secret weapon email you're getting a front row seat right now to see just what I did and in the next few minutes I'll reveal just what their results you're Batman all right you ready we're about to go to a hotel and need five people right now.

That have one thing in common they've all been trying to start an online business for at least two years now and guess what their results have been you guessed it zero zilch gusik now they don't want to just do any business all right they want to do something that you're truly passionate about something that makes them leap out of their bed every morning today you and I together.

Are gonna change all of their lives right before your eyes I'm about to start the timer soon and I have less than 24 hours to help them launch their own successful business on the Internet and I'm going to show you now in this video you see the strategy I'm about to show you I call it printing money now why do I call it that you're gonna see in just a second because when you master.

It it genuinely feels like a legal and ethical way to print money so whatever you do follow alongside this video because we're about to change your life as well so you ready let's go now let me tell you what you're about to see is time-tested it I've trained over a hundred and ten thousand students in the last 11 years I've generated over 15 million dollars in online sales thanks.

To the blueprint you're watching right now I've got many businesses online just one of them that is run by just me can do up to 3.4 million dollars a year I can take a brand-new company and make thirty four thousand seven hundred eighty dollars my first month all thanks to this blueprint this business feels like you can print money on demand thanks to this blueprint I was even.

Voted as one of the top three young entrepreneurs in the United States by Businessweek magazine my company was an Inc 500 fastest growing company for two years in a row and I've won awards all over the world again all because of what I learned while I was discovering the inbox blueprint all right we reached the hotel so it's.

Time to go in look what I'm about to do is show these five lucky students exactly from A to Z and you're gonna watch we're gonna do this together okay the first thing I want to show them is how to take something they're truly passionate about and turn it into an income generating business over night the second thing I'm going to show them is how to be able to spend just 30.

Minutes a day how to be able to outsource almost all of this entire short small process and you can build an entire business in about 30 minutes a day all right and third last but by no means the least actually probably the most important I'm going to give them the exact the best lead generating sources the secrets that virtually guarantee people joining your.

Business people getting subscribed to your lists and these are the best traffic strategies there well lots of them are absolutely free all of this is coming up in just the next few minutes I need you to pay close attention but for now why don't you join me let's walk in there and let's meet them all right I'll see you inside .

Hey guys my name is Robert I'm a 54 year old forklift driver and I've been trying to make money online for approximately two two-and-a-half years we're very frustrating so frustrating I find myself pulling my hair out you don't believe me look name is BJ 30 years old currently unemployed I've been an internet marketing for about six or seven years now and using this.

Opportunity to just get over there I'm Brittany I'm a 26 year old mom of two and I've been staying at home trying to make money online for about three years I just feel like I'm stuck I feel like I you know I start something and then I lose my focus and I don't know where to go next and I just want that breakthrough so that I I know what I'm doing and the lightbulb goes off and I.

Can just blast through that wall my name is is Lee I'm 46 years old mother of three a teenager boys started working internet about six seven years ago worked for a few months didn't have much success I got very frustrated lost money I'm Keith Lana okay I'm 41 years old the construction or living been trying to make money.

Online for probably five or six years I just want to get out of the rat race I've been working in construction all my life and I'm tired of it and I'd like to be able to do something where I control my money and what I do for the rest of my all right guys you're ready to get started go on in and we'll get started in just a minute guys show time let's get started so I'm about to hand.

You and these five students the blueprint to making your first $10,000 on the internet and no no this is not some one-click stupid get-rich-quick beloved II bla this is a real business if you're serious I'm gonna show you what I mean when I say printing money I call it this because you can sit home and just create money out of thin air now that's what it feels like how can I.

Better explain this I know let's use an example so for your information the following example is actually a real story so let's say it's Wednesday morning the alarm blares at 10 a.m. and you finally crawl out of bed because you're an in boxer you don't have any day job to slug your way over to you definitely have no traffic to fight you can take your time and wake up whenever.

You want now you slowly crawl your way into the kitchen thinking about what in the world you'll do today boy I need some coffee as you make your pot of coffee you see a commercial on TV it's for this Apple iPad air a new product Oh now the cost of the iPad is $500 so you need $500 man Apple always gets me but I have it now rather than charge it to.

Your credit card or use any of your huge savings account why would you bother with that you decide I'm gonna earn this iPad and I'm gonna earn it today well you relax for a bit you have a nice breakfast you finish your coffee you even watch some funny videos on YouTube hey there's no better way to start your morning than a good laugh and finally you work your way over to your computer.

You log in and well guess what it's time to inbox time to make some money baby since you've been following the inbox blueprint you've built this amazing list of about well eight thousand people perfect you take about five minutes you type out a message to them you take an affiliate link from Clickbank and you just kind of come over and paste it right in there and boom you hit Send.

Suddenly like magic without you even knowing it eight thousand emails crawl all over the internet with your exact message you only typed it once yet it is all over the internet and guess what over the next few hours while you pick your nose and do well whatever your heart desires you end up getting about five hundred people from all over the world to click.

That very link and you sent inside your email why do you know what happens as people click that link I'll check it out so by the way what you're seeing right now is actually a true story it's me this is how I bought myself an iPad air this is what happened in just a matter of a few hours are you watching do you see that you see the account going up isn't it amazing.

780 dollars guys all I did to make this happen was send that very email to a list that I just recently built and yes the list is just 8,000 big yet in one day I did over 780 dollars not only did I pay for that nice shiny iPad but I was left with more money than what I even needed so this is what I mean by printing money when you have a list you can mail them on demand and you can.

Actually generate income on demand there is no other business model on the internet that allows you to do something like this so quickly and so easily and the best part here is that this entire business took me just a couple of hours to set up I started building that list on day one the first day I launched my one-page business more on that in just a minute.

Hey guys welcome to the workshop now I know you've all come here because you want to start your online businesses you want to start your journey to well making money on the internet - today we are not only going to launch your business but tonight you are actually going to make your first money and tomorrow you're going to see in the morning how much you made alongside of.

Us but that's gonna be the cool part and that's my big surprise for you so you guys ready to get started all right wait I just forgot something for those of you watching from home I gotta prove to you that it is indeed September the 7th on Saturday here live in DC and just to prove to you again that I'm not making this up when we type into my phone here I'm gonna pull up Google I'm gonna type.

In current time and date in Washington DC can you see that 10:42 a.m. this is going to Google so I can't make this up you're gonna see live what I help them do in 24 hours or less all right so let's get started the inbox blueprint it's very simple it friggin was I'm really excited he showed me some awesome stuff I don't feel like.

I'm gonna get stuck I feel like I I know where I'm gonna go from here and I'm gonna be able to get to the next level you are actually building a following you are actually helping people you are actually out there building and by brand the money is in what you do with your list it's in the relationship your list the money is in how you use that database I've already learned different.

Sources for products and niches and things like that this is great people think mailing everyday is a bad thing that is a minute mail your list every day or as close to it as possible feeling pretty good I've really opened up my mind and expanded for myself and man I'm loving it it's great well I'm amazed at today at the content that we received I've been trying for.

Five years or six years ma'am just to be able to get a business up and running and I'm actually got one already up today so I'm excited to see what's gonna happen by in the morning look you don't have to have any blogs any technology you certainly don't have to have crazy and painful ecommerce stores you don't even have to have any products of your own.

All that is just way too much work and way too much risk at least in the beginning when you're just starting my goal is to keep it simple easy and risk-free that's why as an in boxer all you need is just one page on your website the entire website a page I actually give you and then you just need some good free traffic and you're officially in business just like this.

Look at this list I have it's a list I built in 2012 it still gets new subscribers till this very day on 100% autopilot it's about 43,000 big that's it so let me show you something I'm gonna log into an account that is just for this list so check this out DC hat over a hundred and fifty four thousand dollars earned in 2012 just in this one account and I have.

Many many others you know what I do really fun cool stuff I don't have any stress and that can be on a beach if I want with my laptop working I never have to build any crazy pages learn anything techie or do any blogging I just build a one page website and I'm in business even that one page is built well using an existing template that I know works so my risk is highly highly limited if.

Any at all check this out this is my one page that's it this is one of my businesses you see this page even this one was based on a template like the one I spoke of by the way the template is something I'm about to hand to you in a few minutes I started this business in the weight loss space all that happens here is that someone comes to the page and puts in.

Their email address right here once they do that they are my subscriber whatever happens after they put their email in is 100% automated it's all technology handling it and you don't have to do any kind of coding or anything fancy all I do is find cool and helpful products to tell these people about and I make strong Commission's just for recommending them to those great.

Kick-butt products like on this business I found an awesome information product ok this gave me a completely new angle and dieting something that actually worked for me I tried it I loved it I never had to sell it I just wrote to the list and told them about it told them about my result and linked them directly to the product voila I earned about $10,000 you see.

That right there just for recommending something amazing and I did this in about a week then check out this business I started this in the law of attraction space and within just seven days of promoting this really really cool offer check this out over eight thousand eight hundred dollars in net income net income no expenses no traffic I didn't buy anything this product was a.

Great course created by one of the leading experts on the law of attraction it truly is an amazing course and it was an honor to be able to give it a review I just wrote to my list a few times telling them about it and voila $8,800 appeared in my bank account this was free money earned in just seven days now do you see why I call it printing money guys this is it just one page.

Oh ah so we finally finished day one ha hey I'm exhausted listen this is the hardest I've worked probably in years but that was amazing so get this all of these students who've been struggling for three years four years five years even more within 3-4 hours their businesses are alive and we are at the end of day one but what we've done now is we just did the last few secrets and.

Turned their traffic on and overnight let's see what happens but I can tell you what's gonna happen they're gonna make some money all right so it's time to go see what they've made I'm super excited but before that I want to prove to you that it is today's it is Sunday September 8th and you think you can see that according to the Washington Post also let me go to Google current time.

And date it is 8:55 a.m. on September 8th alright let's go do this guys you ready oh you guys are all waiting so what do you think things about to happen no Keith you want to start all right let's go what's going in Keith what I want you to do is have a seat and I want you to hit login right there.

So Brittany tell me what do you think any any play actions any any any thoughts no I didn't really want to make any expectations all right and up until now you've have you made anybody online yeah I actually think I'm finally gonna be able to make my first dollar online you know I was one up one of my goals I wanted to make my first down online so I'm pretty sure today will be the day.

How long did it take to get this whole thing set up yesterday not very long I mean less than four hours and it wasn't perfect right we just we set up what we did but it wasn't anybody any means perfect it wasn't pretty it wasn't professional it was basic right all right now let's see what you did I don't know what to expect yet I haven't heard any screams from inside.

That room yet now just just for the record you have not made money on the internet before and we were in this room for five six seven six hours right at which we were really working on the actual setting up for like a few hours so Robert are you nervous yes I'm nervous anxious very anxious all right any predictions just let me make $1 $1 all I need all right so I want you to.

Hit deck track and then pay attention to the top left click deck track and pay attention to the top holy crap you're Batman Wow what is that saying they all know more specifically thousand T dollars what do you think although Almighty that is what you made last night and of course a 14 hours with.

Just a little over two thousand visitors one thousand one hundred and six dollars in total speechless that is all net profit that's yours I'm speechless 1152 dollars is that better than the $1 that you want yeah so overnight you were able to get over 716 subscribers 802 total subscribers 836 that is a number of.

Subscribers you now have so now you have 813 and boxers or subscribers that you can communicate with on a daily basis holy cow that's incredible yeah excited dude yeah thank you vaccinations you're most welcome Keith congratulations honey yep congratulations you are officially there not burn Eric I'm so excited in about five or six hours I made one thousand.

One hundred and twenty three dollars I made a thousand eight books and we probably put it together in like five hours everything is easy to do and I feel like um you know something that I can do that was very easy onic has a great way of teaching he's sincere in what he does he cuts through the the fluff now I've got the basis that the you know the bottom step and I know I'm.

Going for the next step and I'm just gonna keep taking the action to try and duplicate the results that he showed us I'm certain now that I can do it it is possible and I'm looking forward to keep working from now on and apply everything that I learned how cool was that listen we're at the end of day two it's actually more like day one and a half and every single one of the students.

Live right before your eyes generated over a thousand dollars overnight like 13 to 14 hours and their businesses were far from perfect you heard it far from perfect all right it's not that difficult but listen they made money that's great I make money using inbox blueprint that's great what's really key here is that we get you started with your own online.

Business so that you can experience the internet entrepreneur lifestyle alright so what I want to do right I want to deliver the secrets that you need to get started right away quickly fast maybe even as early as tonight I've prepared a quick presentation for you I'm gonna walk over to my computer I want you to pay close attention because this is the deciding moment of whether.

You're gonna become an in boxer or not so our main goal is to get you started tonight we've streamlined the process so much that you can start within the next 30 minutes now you saw the results right each of the five students made over $1,000 in 24 hours using this very blueprint now I'm not guaranteeing what you're gonna make but you can see what's possible all you need to do is give a.

Little bit of dedication all right let's go over what you're about to get your hands on in just minutes this is the full blueprint you need to finally get the break you've been looking for I've left no stone unturned there are no excuses now no reasons to not change your life today in the next few minutes you're about to have some major breakthroughs for example right in the.

First 10 minutes of the blueprint you will learn the addiction meter the quickest way to choose a niche that is a sure thing for years to come it's a hundred percent safe selection in the next step the tip method is finally leaked the number one most valuable online real estate then ninety-five percent of marketers waste then we move on to shattering the greatest beginner.

Myth of inboxing and I do it with proof by going against what everybody else teaches you can actually see a 300% increase in income and I'll prove it to you now as we continue through the easy steps you're gonna be let in on a payday secret this is how the wealthiest of in boxers make almost sixty percent of their income myself included moving further you'll also learn for the first.

Time ever how to develop a seven-figure business without ever selling a single thing you'll get sources that paper lead this can mean money in your pocket within 24 hours of taking your business life and finally we we'll make you the Jedi Master of traffic we paid you name it I show you all of it now we'll get more into the traffic.

Training in just a minute wait till you see what I have in store for you it's gonna shock you so here's what I've put together to help you make all of this happen number one a simple series of steps that are pure magic in 11 years this is the best course I've ever created it took me over one year to perfect this blueprint every single thing I know about being a master in.

Boxer all put into one area I'm talking countless videos professionally shot in a video studio you know revealing whiteboard sessions and every other secret you need in October 2013 I showed this entire course to five top internet marketers and each of them told me that the inbox blueprint was worth a minimum of one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven dollars not a penny less.

And don't you worry I'm not gonna be asking you for anything even close to that but first back to the insane value that you're about to get I'm not even anywhere close to done yet number two my copy/paste template package valued at at least nine hundred ninety seven dollars you get the templates for every part of the business you just copy and paste that's it it's taken me over eleven.

Years and millions of dollars in marketing testing to figure out what works and I've put it all in this package all of it from the one-page website you need to the emails you have to write to even the niches you pick you get everything without a doubt this is easily worth at least nine hundred and ninety seven dollars number three you're getting access to my secret door that.

Even my closest friends online don't know about you will see the exact top converting affiliate programs that have made me hundreds of thousands of dollars in free money I'll just give them to you go sign up for them and instantly get started these programs are fully tested they are the programs that run all of my unboxing businesses online now this has least a minimum conservative value of.

497 dollars oh we're still not done yet like I said I want to make sure that the inbox blueprint is the only course you're ever gonna need so number four this is where things get absolutely insane but it's about time someone did this so here we go I've put together the most underground in the most elite group of traffic experts you can imagine I called them my Mensa traffic panel as a.

Matter of fact these are the very people I call when I have questions on how to get traffic well guess what for the next six months you get access to them too I'm going to do interview after interview with them and you'll be right there listening along each of them charges close to one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven dollars an hour and you're getting repeated access to.

The seven of them for free you know what I've networked for over eleven years to make friends like these now they're going to be at your disposal you'll be an absolute traffic Jedi by the time they are done with you access to all seven of these traffic Mensa mines is valued at at least one thousand nine hundred ninety seven dollars I mean think about it.

That's just what one of them charges for one hour this bonus will be gone very soon because it's just too valuable and each of the seven has demanded that I highly limit this bonus but for now you can get all this for free as an inbox blueprint remember finally number five I definitely save the best for the last you are officially about to become a member of an elite society a group of.

Amazing entrepreneurs who all help each other excel in every area of our lives especially in boxing welcome to the in boxer Society you will immediately get a free membership into the in boxer society for 12 months no dues no charges nothing you get access to the brightest minds the latest information and expert advice for the full 12 months without ever paying a dime extra this society is.

Already creating a ton of buzz and being talked about all over the internet but this is the only way to get in right now today you will qualify to come to all of our live events live workshops and even attend our live webinars right from the comfort of your own home you qualify for all of this with your free 12 month pass to the inbox of society today worth a.

Minimum of one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven dollars now listen if you add that up between the master inbox blueprint course our full template package my hidden arsenal of affiliate programs the Mensa traffic panel and now even the 12-month pass to the inbox or society that is over seven thousand four hundred and eighty five dollars in true actual value right now today yours so.

Now you must be wondering well what's all this gonna cost me well listen my goal for you is to get you started within the next thirty minutes we are not going to be open for much longer we will close down once we hit our max capacity and so I want to remove any barriers of entry for you especially the investment needed to start I want to help and that's why I'm going to.

Completely ignore the advice I got from every marketer I spoke to they said I should charge a minimum investment of 1997 dollars to enroll into the inbox blueprint system honestly initially I almost did however I talked to my team I thought about it well for over a week and I decided I wanted to shake things up a little bit I wanted to do something crazy something unheard of I wanted to.

Create ridiculous value and make sure that no one is left behind while our doors are still open so rather than charge 1997 dollars or even 997 dollars or even 497 dollars I decided that if you're serious today and really want to change your life today I will personally make an investment in your business today and just now this minute for a very limited time you can start for just.

$97.00 down you can get started today and have full access for the small first payment of $97 starting this minute your entire investment will simply be a total of three payments of $97 each and that is you will never ever be build anything more so compare that to the usual 1997 dollars you see and what this course is really worth.

You're practically getting an instant 95 percent discount right now I don't limit your access I don't do any tricks you get full access immediately on the other side of this page for just putting down a ridiculously small and tiny 97 dollar payment today and making two more payments in the next coming two months then the course and everything along with it is 100% yours for life.

Again remember my goal for you is to have you start in the next 30 minutes or less so that's why I hold nothing back you get it all right away and finally as always you get a full 60 day risk-free period if for any reason you don't find the inbox blueprint to be exactly as life-changing as I'm telling you it is right now just send us an email okay.

Email us at support and inbox blueprint comm we will immediately refund your money and never charge you an extra penny beyond that you have absolutely nothing to lose so what's it gonna be are you ready to change your life today you're getting over 7,000


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