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Star Trek Online-PS4 Discovery engineer

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Playing with my Discovery Engineer


Lester John tonight I'll be working with Kate down here but first I didn't you to check on Oliver I want to ship some things out on how many to do this lovely time see anything to contribute you got more than enough to give them shutting out a lot of stuff and they shake often all right uh yeah they do I don't know how much I'm doing least doing the battle water Klingons.

I don't know well gonna take it all the way to whatever that planet is on this one or not I'm these doing starting mission stuff I may at least get to the ship and they call the night I'm just well nothing feeling that world I find need to do this today but it's really late in the day I don't want to be 20 hours from now I'd like to do it oh I hate let me try take this one off water.

Sorry guys it's a little quieter over here so the meat and then tornament or I could do yeah I got a lot of gold we don't uh so fun team no it's Irish shadow - or something there's something listen you always put this what I got here I'm trying to get I get 200 think it's gonna talk about my promotion.

I don't know it's we refer a hat phone which I thought I had some because all the words are bugging us oh that's awful small so that member of God and I'm just gonna have it so I thought about doing least one maybe mission just Shep it out alright oh yeah I want your tears play waistline yes I'm when I get anymore because uh waistline is not a.

Story like I don't think anymore restaurant pusher you got one on it so we'll see got on home see I was taken care of I don't know security officer up at two didn't elope you want our money first two rows Oh give the wendi-go so far I don't know somewhat - don't see you need to click I don't need to quartermaster.

I'm saying so research lab geologist no geologist research love is different I do need of beutel's because that's different that's a little different you know what a mate that one is get the Kate of the rock beautiful nation hate Scott knuckle D sorry huh start from this way this will not be that I want to get some I'm actually gonna stop this broadcast Ralph asshole.


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