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Remove Scratches from iPhone X and Polish It Back to New!

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Best metal polish compounds for iPhone X:
Mother's Mag (cheap) -
Blue Magic (better) -
MaaS (best) -
Apple's iPhone X is a big hit—despite the kooky $999 price tag. One of the biggest changes was Apple's shift away from aluminum to stainless steel. Stainless steel brings a lot of welcomed features, amongst which are: increased grip, rigidity, and heft. But not all is wonderful. iPhone X scratches are very easy to come by and the stainless steel can end up looking pretty nasty in just a few weeks. Snazzy Labs host, Quinn Nelson, shows you how to polish stainless steel back to new. You can use this to remove scratches on your iPhone X, Apple Watch, and other stainless steel gadgets! It works so good you won't even need to know the best case for iPhone X—rock your phone without one!
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Howdy there folks I'm Quinn of snazzy labs and I've had my iPhone 10 since launch day so three and a half months and one of the most immediately noticeable differences if you haven't felt this phone other than obviously the massive display and the knotch is the heft of the thing when you feel it in your hand and that is thanks to the new stainless steel frame which has replaced.

The aluminum that's been used in I guess with the exception of iPhone 3G and 3GS every iPhone ever and the new stainless steel frame in my opinion is an excellent change it's far grippier than the notoriously slippery aluminum of iPhones past and it's also far more rigid and I know that because of experience last night I saw Black Panther great film but what I'm getting.

To is I dropped my iPhone 10 for the third time three times I've dropped it all three times on concrete and the phone hasn't broken yet now with iPhones past that may have been a problem because aluminum is soft so not only would you dent the corner of your phone when you drop it but you'd also because the chassis because the aluminum would buckle it would oftentimes push a lot of.

The force through the display and so your glass would crack as well and that's not the case with iPhone 10 because of the rigid metal chassis if you drop it glass down you're still screwed but if you drop it on the corner it probably won't break and the increased durability and stickiness and half they're all great changes to iPhone I think it's exceptional but it's not.

Perfect because polish stainless steel scratches very very easily in fact the top of my phone where I I put my phone facedown into my pocket where it rubs against my pocket liner is so scratched that it doesn't even really shimmer anymore it looks really bad the good news is that I can fix this problem pretty easily but only because my phone is silver space grey users you're out of.

Luck because rather than opt for a diamond like carbon AKA dlc coating that's used on many high-end jewelry pieces and manufacturing equipment Apple opted for a cheaper and older coating method called physical vapor distillation also known as PVD not really important long story short what I'm going to do in this video is essentially strip off a tiny layer of.

That scratch stainless steel and then buff it back to a shine and unfortunately because space gray phones are covered in this very thin layer of PVD coating doing this procedure will strip the finish away and result in something that looks like this not good in fact if you have a Space Gray iPhone keep it in a dang good case because not only does it scratch.

Just as easily as the silver model but also permanently irreversible but unlike you Space Gray sad sacks I got silver so I'm fine all I needed was some metal polish cream now there are a lot of brands out there they're all relatively inexpensive but I've linked a few of the best options in the video description below I used kind of a middle-of-the-road blue magic it was.

$7.00 pretty inexpensive and it worked excellently all you need to do is open up the jar and apply some of the rubbing compound to your microfiber cloth and you don't need too much just enough and then you start buffing in a side-to-side action now I know some of you are going to freak out saying oh the glass don't worry because the abrasive is so fine I didn't mask off the frame and it.

Didn't cause any damage to the glass to the oleophobic coating or even to the little tiny plastic antenna lines meshed into the steel it looks fine in fact given that the phone is water-resistant I didn't even worry about crap getting stuck in them buttons or the speaker or the mic ports or the mute switch because I figured I would just wash it out later so once you're.

Going at it for a while if your rack is gonna start to get black and don't worry that's good news once you've kind of polished the phone with the buffing compound for about 60 to 90 seconds you're going to want to get a clean part of your microfiber towel and start buffing it in a probably circular motion to a shine now you'll likely find that when you're polishing the device you.

Have to apply quite a bit of pressure you have to push pretty hard don't be afraid to do so but after a few coats so to speak I don't know what to call it I did it a a couple I did about two to three times in each section of the phone you'll start to notice that the phone really starts to look excellent and I was stunned at how good it looked and then when I was done there was some gunk.

Stop stuck in the microphone port and in the mute switch and I just washed it out under the sink with a little bit of a toothbrush and boom it looks gorgeous now of course there are still going to be a few tiny scratches that are visible and if I was really antsy about getting it perfect or if I intended to sell it and wanted it to look brand new you can actually use a dremel rotary tool with a.

Few different buffing and polishing accessories with the same rubbing compound instead of a microfiber towel and you'll get it back to ooh like brand-new but I didn't worry about it because I figured it was 95% of the way there good enough and because I'll probably have to do it again in a few months I figured why fret about it so get started it's easy and if you're.

Going to buy a $1,000 plus smartphone you should probably keep it looking nice annoying scratches aside they are annoying I do think that the pros of the stainless steel over aluminum far outweigh of the cons and I'm hoping that Apple expands the steel to their entire smartphone lineup later this year well folks that's all for me to get your materials and other stuff check my links.

In the video description below get subscribed for more awesome videos like these hey check out these two they're awesome but as always stay snazzy and thank you so much for watching see you later folks


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