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Elite Dangerous Chapter Four - Scanning Overview and a Night Vision Test

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I take a look overview of the new scanning system for Chapter Four of Elite Dangerous. The next video will go into more depth.
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Hi guys and girls I'm obsidian aunt and this is the beta for chapter 4 of elite dangerous today you were going to take a look at exploration and to start with we're having a look at the new discovery tours the first is are told for discovering planets and the other are the probes for mapping surfaces so here we are in a brand new system and that the first.

Thing we're gonna do is use the new discovery tools now when we first jump into a system you'll notice that NOAA bodies within that system have been discovered we just got the central star even after a discovery hunk that would be exactly the same and you would notice down at the bottom left that it says a zero percent discovered now right now on the beta servers it's a complete.

Nuisance because I keep getting disconnected literally every few minutes so I had to have reconnect here I'm still in the same system and also while I'm at it you can see the nicely lighting from the star for there in the distance there's no graphics mugs here this is Alder default visuals now do keep in mind this isn't a tutorial I'm simply trying to go through the process.

Here so you can get a feel for the game flow so after jumping into a system you can load up in analysis mode and then you will need to do a discovery blast we can then see the signatures the spectral signatures down on the bottom of the screen on the spectral analysis and we can move along them are using the right stick on your control pad the left stick meanwhile moves the camera around and.

Allows us to focus on the targets if it's a broken circle you haven't chewed in quite correctly and you'll then and need to move it until you get a full a little white circle you then can zoom in and sometimes you'll find a planet right here or other times you'll have to zoom in again because you've found a new planetary system that is planets orbiting each other or planets orbiting.

Around a moon but it's very a very quick process you can see here we've already discovered a planet and it's very simple now in case you're wondering what it's like to no longer have an overview of a system you still actually do take a look at the spectral graph down at the bottom so on the left are the weekly signals those are us s's and scenarios and as we move up we can see where other objects.

Will appear asteroid clusters are meta Signet metal work plan is high metal content weld rocky welds ice welds i rocky ice world's earth likes ammonia's waters and gas giants so essentially you'll be able to instantly see or what type of planets are in any one system what's more is that you no longer have to fly over to a planet to get a detailed.

Surface scan you can simply scan it from a distance here at the entry point into the system and you can see over on the right we've got all the information we'd normally get from a detailed surface scan and it's also doing a scan right up in the top right hand corner and that will tell us any planetary surface features that are there such as points of interest for geological features then.

And to have a look down on the bottom a left-hand side of the scan here it tells us the distance to that particular object in this case it's over a quarter of a million light seconds away and these simple scans in addition to fight in all the information it would also give us the surface map on the system map however if we want to bow to fully scan the planet and get the first map to.

My tag as well as locate the exact coordinates of all the points of interest on the planet then we need to head on over to them and they use the surface probes or the pro scanning probes right so when we've won a map of planet we need to get on up close to it now you don't need to come up here to get these surface details you can do a detailed surface scan all the way from.

The other side of the star system you only need to do this when you actually want to map it and that allows you to find the points of interest down on the planetary surface so switch mode we've got the surface scanner we just need to fly out the probes down and we can do that rapidly and they should pull background on themselves we can also toggle to see the other side of the.

Planet we can see where their impact so each time a probe his it increases the amount of surface area that has should he been asked and so when it hits 90 percent that's considered complete so what area isn't done yet looks like that side you can see that's dark around the other side of the world of this side is completely blue so it's scanned you have to do this in supercruise by the way all.

The scanning is done in supercruise and we could see you now complete as Verity just told us so if there was a some points of interest down there they would now be displayed on this area here unfortunately there's no points of interest so we can't go down to them just yet now one other thing I do want to take a look at is that the dark sides the planets or the.

Nice side now always previously when you're headed towards the dark side of the planet you may remember they used to start brightening up due to ambient light thanks to the new lighting system in Chapter four this no longer happens in fact the planets are so dark on their these and light sides that we have a new night vision mode and this works very.

Very well it means you're going to be able to partake in emissions on the dark so that plan is very easy in pitch black it also the means you can about to do Canyon racing and many other such things in the night side of planets as well and in case you're wondering night vision doesn't work when you're in external camera mode my vision is still switched on here it's just not available.

And when you're outside the ship now one thing I was curious about was of whether or not night vision works inside the es RVs the last I know about this it wasn't going to work but it looks like it now does so you can use night vision in conjunction with your vehicle's headlights and that doesn't make things too bright either so it's probably a some type of a hydrator night vision not.

The same type of night vision that we have in today's world anyway but yes it works a really nice and in case you're wondering when you look at other vehicles or other ships within night vision they get a nice little silhouette outline around them so that then is a very quick overview of the game flow of the new scanning system but I have a look at this in far more depth in an.

Upcoming video there's gonna be plenty of videos over this beta period so do keep an eye out I'll be back with another one very very soon as a waser thanks for watching and I catch you guys in Gales next time


crtrburke • 23 дня назад
Downvoted because you don't say how to enter "analysis mode" in the first place.
Scanning doesn't work if you're not in the right HUD mode and switching between HUD modes is literally buried in the keybindings and settings. I STILL have not been able to figure out how to switch between "combat mode" and "analysis mode", and this short video provides no clue on how to navigate Frontier's unnecessarily byzantine controls, most of which aren't necessary and which only serve to make a simple game complicated for no reason. And unfortunately, your video does literally nothing to make it easier or to provide new information to players.
👍 0
ObsidianAnt • 23 дня назад
Just so you know for future, down votes don't harm a video...they in fact help the video. The YouTube algorithm looks for audience interaction, so every time you hit either like or dislike you are equally helping to promote that video. So thanks for helping. :)
That said, I totally understand your frustration and Frontier made the keybindings in many areas of the game unnecessarily complicated. Here's a link that might help you with the issue:
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AnonymousKELLOG • 1 месяц назад
In watching all the videos leading up to the release of chapter 4 because i just got back onto this game just about 4 hours ago and ive been so lost so far
👍 0
Frank Paroots • 1 месяц назад
Man i havent played in a while. Im in the middle of nowhere. im afraid. I missed some updates and im totally lost. xD i cant even use my dscan
👍 0
Brian Green • 2 месяца назад
Thanks for this video. Just came back to the game after a while and was so lost with these new features. Your video really helped me get back up to speed.
👍 0
DrzBa • 2 месяца назад
👍 0
MrPalmTree • 2 месяца назад
How do i open the DSS scanner?
👍 0
SuperNaviac • 2 месяца назад
How does one get into this nav scan cockpit mode? I can't use my scanner
👍 0
RadicalxEdward • 2 месяца назад
One of the things I was really hoping for in an exploration update was better external controls so you could do things from outside your ship and get a better view. :-(
👍 0
MooTaters • 3 месяца назад
Interesting and a nice set of mini games, but really hope they make big changes to rewards then, because this is quite time consuming compared to honking.
👍 0
Gunner R.A. • 3 месяца назад
Hi there, I was wondering if you could do a complete easy to follow 'How To' on all the exploration updates, and how to set the extra controls up for VR users please? Preferably in crayon for all of us technically challenged oldsters please!
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mlouden03 • 3 месяца назад
Have they confirmed publicly or through beta that they aren't nerfing the DSS rate or the basic honk and fly rate?
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6ladius • 3 месяца назад
Your controller sensitivity for tuning is very low, please how did you do that?
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Ettore Zani • 3 месяца назад
I don't like this new FSS scanner... it transform exploration in a meaningless "point and click" minigame. Too unnecessarily cumbersome!
At least having to go to the planet, like before, was to do something in the game... now you have nothing to do!
The rest of the updates are great, but in general I'm really disappointed...
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Phantom Arcanist • 3 месяца назад
How the fuck does this scanner gonna work when there could hundreds of objects in the system... like 586 for example. U what gonna scan all 586? Like the fuck?
👍 0
Christina • 3 месяца назад
WHAT IS THIS LIKE IN VR? using rift dk2.. IS it clear or blurry.... can 'I" have a option to change the size of the HUD screen to see the scan areas...
👍 0
KwiGoneJim • 3 месяца назад
How did you turn off the “grid” view of the planet after mapping it?
When ever I map a planet / moon the grid stays on unless I land on it, then it disappears.
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WU • 3 месяца назад
Wondering how this affects Road to Riches, which I am part way through.
No more honk and jump? Need to spend more time in-system?
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Leon Schönhoff • 3 месяца назад
I cannot move my Detailed Surface Scan Probe Pointer thing. Any advise where I can set the key binding?
👍 0
Graham Boyle • 3 месяца назад
You need to do a tutorial Ant- I cant be bothered to spend every second of my 2 hours a week I have to play this game trying to figure out what the hell I am doing for scanning stuff. The end result looks good but the key bindings...I have NFC
👍 0
101Osprey101 • 3 месяца назад
Hey Ant Man, according to Frontier, all I need to do to play the beta is update my Horizons patch. However, when I go to the launcher and look, there is nowhere to start that update. The launcher plainly says that 3.3 beta is now live but when I have the launcher check for updates it says the program is up to date. Do you have any suggestions?
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