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GRU-some discovery: New report claims Salisbury suspect is a Russian army Colonel

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The UK-based open-source ‘intelligence’ group Bellingcat claims that the person best known to the world as Ruslan Boshirov, Britain’s suspect in the Salisbury poisoning affair, is actually a decorated special forces officer.
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Independent investigative group Belling cats along with the British newspaper The Telegraph claimed to have discovered the real identity of one of the souls be nerve agent attackers they gave not only reduced Lambeth sheriff's alleged real name but also some other surprising details too after the report was released though the UK's defense secretary took to Twitter to thank those.

Who'd been working so tirelessly on the case but 20 minutes later Gavin Williams and deleted the tweet without any explanation user alley breaks down there the details of the report the online blood Belling cap which is run by Eliot Higgins claims sort of uncovered one of the two men who were named by the British government as being responsible for marches Norwich.

Arcattack in Salisbury now the two men were named by the UK as being Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Bashir of but according to Belen cat this the latter of these two men who they've unmasked they say his real name is a Natalie chapito and that he's a colonel in the GRU but according to their own source in the article an operation like the one in Salisbury would usually be carried out.

By a low ranking operative who would be no higher than a captain Belem kept having the past carried out investigations into incidents in the Ukraine and Syria and it's those incidents and those investigations which have caused people to call into question the veracity of their work what Belling cat is doing is nothing more than reading tea leaves error level analysis.

Is a method used by hobbyists never been to Syria doesn't speak a word of Arabic and he conducts his profound research from the comfort of his armchair the Salisbury incident has been a sore point between the UK and Russian government's and the UK government's have consistently blamed the Russians as being responsible and that was the theme which repeated itself when Theresa May.

Addressed the United Nations General Assembly the UK saw the consequences of these norms being eroded in Salisbury this year when Russia recklessly deployed a nerve agent on our streets the United Kingdom has presented detailed evidence clearly laid out in charges of attempted and the use and possession of a chemical weapon against two agents of the Russian.

State uncorroborated rhetoric on the Salisbury incident is on the rise the UK is stubbornly rejecting the idea of a joint investigation with Russia which we have proposed on numerous occasions that's despite the fact that such a joint investigation is exactly what's called for in the Chemical Weapons Convention if they don't want to cooperate it begs the question then of.

Whether the UK has something to hide now we've heard no official response from authorities here in the UK to those specific allegations in the Belling Kath blogged the police at the Metropolitan Police and the Home Office both having not commented on them and the Russian government well they've consistently denied any involvement in what took place in Seoul three have called on the.

UK government to hand over any evidence or intelligence that they've gathered so that they can help with the investigation he said early reporting there will meanwhile the Russian Foreign Ministry has responded to the latest revelations claiming the new investigation is just peddling false information you.


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