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$10,000 FIRST CLASS AIRPLANE SEAT (my first time ever)

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OMG! First off, I've NEVER flown first class like this. EVER. I had a bed, I had a chef, I ate sushi, I watched 5 movies, I had free wifi, oh and casually, I had A CANDLE AT MY SEAT...basically it was way better than my normal life on the ground has ever been or ever will be in the future. HA! This is my experience flying business class on Turkish Air from LA to Istanbul for a 13 hour flight and my experience in the 3 story Turkish Air airport lounge (not even kidding it was wild). Turkish Air doesn't really do First Class, so Business Class is First Class.
Also...the reason I was in Turkey is still totally top secret, BUT this video gives you a major hint - it has to do with Charlie's Angel's...I'm still in shock that this even happened. It was literally the best.
Thank you to SONY for taking me on this awesome adventure!
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in the car headed to the airport because I'm going to Turkey am I really going to Turkey right you know I'm going to Turkey right now right also what doesn't seem real is the reason that I'm going which have you heard you're gonna be apparently on because I'm going to Charlie's Angels is this a mistake that's right do you think that they are.

Like thinking of someone else but there's no other joslyn's in Hollywood except that girl that hooked up with Tiger Woods I don't know if she counts her name is Jocelyn I think well there's so many of them anyways so in preparation for my trip to Turkey obviously I want to be prepared to communicate with all of my new Turkish friends so I've been practicing pulled.

Up some words on the Google and I would like to say merhaba what is heaven it means hello Marhaba to all of you who asked means love of some of these heart let's go to Turkey all right well the opposite of merhaba goodbye best news ever so you know your girl is the queen of flying Southwest I'm always boarding Group C which is totally my.

Fault I always end up in the middle C between like a screaming baby and somebody that's like drooling or sweating on me or sneezing on me and hey no judgment I love flying in my normal place my sweet little economy middle seat and I'm grateful for it but today things are looking up because apparently I'm flying business class home to Los Angeles from Turkey in a twin bed this.

Is awesome so really quick I've googled I've done a little bit of research and it seems like business class on Turkish Airlines is essentially top notch first class I saw some pictures on the internet I saw some videos it looks like people even have like candles like lit candles at their seats because let's face it having normal light bulbs so below us yes not only that I've heard.

The food is insane I've heard the service is awesome and most importantly for this Odin I mentioned 13-hour flight back to Los Angeles yeah the flight 13 hours please pray for me apparently the seat turns into a full-on bed which I've never experienced before I'm so excited I've never been more excited to sleep in my life let's go so I just checked in at the airport and.

Apparently when you fly it business class you also get access to the lounge and you know I love some snobbery so let's go check it out what the heck is there I could live here live in here yes could you live here I think I could I mean it's like a garden inside this is the literal atrium I'm happening inside this place and the food smells pretty good.

Turkish olives just as you walk in hook us up with some orange stuffed olives literal oranges wow this is some first class oh wow thank you I'll just grab it thank you Cheers really good what Wow mmm don't want to overdo it though we'll say there's a lot of food man we've got a lot we have a lot to eat.

okay this lounge is totally in this is not this is amazing you can store your luggage here and I'm assuming you can come back at a later time.

And this is where you actually enter into the air for it there's a pool table in the library several several popular bars working to make it everything my whole life oh and a computer lab so pretty sure for showers and cold blood traffic in here which I'm definitely gonna be checking what the heck this is a tooth three stories I don't even know what to.

Do with this information honestly so I just had my first course you know just to like wet my palate now I'm headed down to the second and third story of the birthday to find out what's going on down here you guys in camp the experiences but now they are looking like pleasantries amazing oh my god there's a station did I forget to mention that there's.

Also a video gaming room here oh look another player piano because you always need a nice soundtrack when you're inside of an airport lounge more food I'm ruined I'm fully ruined forever how am I ever going to go back to my middle seat right also by the way these places are so big there's a map everywhere so I just went and tried to get them to.

Let me film instead of obsoletes it would only let me take a photo but here again I'm pretty sure that rune definitely much much much nicer than any dorm room I ever lived in and quite honestly much nicer than men even tell the moms all that data in my date and another example how amazing this is and again guys we're not even on the plane yet and think okay so it's time to hop.

On the plane but did you guys know that if you're flying first or business class you get your very own entrance it's true thank you thank you so much hi thank you .

the lights are back on okay so I'm not really sure what happened but suddenly I was being ushered off the plane flight was over it was amazing major major shout out to everyone at Turkish air on my flight who just gave me the best experience of all.

Time honestly I have to say this video is 100% not spawn but like hey Turkish air if you want to spawn me go for it anyways you guys thank you so much for watching my channel be sure to click right over here to watch another awesome the new video please subscribe so that I can keep on traveling because as you guys know it's what I'm totally obsessed with and lastly I cannot wait to share.

With you the real reason I was even in Turkey thanks for watching I'll see you later


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