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2019 Range Rover Land Rover Experience

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2019 Range Rover Land Rover Experience
Expected to arrive in Australia late in 2018, the new 2019 Range Rover Velar models’ adaptive radar cruise control is now updated with steering assist as standard. This works by automatically steering the car, detecting road lines and keeping the SUV in its lane without driver input.
Other standard features for the UK-spec Range Rover Velar include a rear camera, front and rear parking aids, emergency braking and a driver condition monitor, most of which are expected to be offered locally.
The updated Range 2019 Rover Velar will be optional with Adaptive Dynamics on certain models. This system monitors the relationship between the wheels and the road and constantly adjusts damping rates to ensure “suspension stiffness is optimised for the driving conditions,” according to Range Rover.


What strikes me immediately is the sleek simplified design of the Range Rover Villar it's based on Jaguar Land Rovers aluminum architecture this is the our dynamic it's got those Range Rover trademark design features the wind chill that dives down into the front axle the floating roof line and that continuous waste line all the way down the side and of course the clamshell hood and just.

Look at this the LED lights here flow seamlessly down the waistline all the way into the taillights the use of a hundred percent LED lighting technology is a first for Range Rover the paint finish it's beautiful very lustrous take a look at these it's pure function reimagined they're flush but of course functional the minute they come out one of my favorite parts on the design front.

Is the integrated spoiler here on the roof that finishes that floating roofline so nicely the rear spoiler is extremely effective reducing air noise in the cabin and co2 emissions it also has a really cool design with a fundamental purpose of keeping the rear glass cleaner for longer the outside is beautiful simpler and bolder the valar comes in several derivatives s are.

Dynamic SE and our dynamic HSE which sits on 21 inch 10-spoke alloys but customers can choose from 18 to 22 inch in 8 distinctive designs now under the hood there's a choice of three power trains from 180 to 380 horsepower there's the 2 liter i-4 turbocharged diesel the 2 liter i-4 gas version along with this the impressive 3 liter v6 supercharged gas engine offering 380.

Horsepower all amounted to a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission it's incredibly capable and I just love it moving to the interior the materials and finishes are all clean and contemporary exquisite detailing like these satin chrome gearshift paddles all feel exacting to the touch there is a range of seat material options from perforated Windsor lever to the eco-sustainable.

Microfiber suede cloth to woolen upholstery drive a seat with 20 way positioning and memory massage and climate functionality enhance the experience there are some really unique lovely touches like these individual sliding armrest with deep stowage below as you sit in the Sports Command driving position the elevated view adds - your feeling of safety the rear seat.

Passengers will love the view from the stadium seating not to mention the panoramic roof which is fitted as standard on all models just literally Bay's the interior with beautiful life and that feeling of calm is further enhanced by the optional configurable mood lighting when you select it for the cabin .

As part of Landrover in control technologies the touch pro2 o utilizes two highly responsive 10 inch high-definition touch screens it allows the customer to both view and interact with multiple features at once for added comfort the screen is tilted just about allowing the driver to adjust it to the exact viewing preference the upper screen is where the majority of the main.

Features are controlled from and things like the climate seats and the massage options are all housed down here on the lower screen it's so simple to use I really like these rotary dynamic dials they're multifunctional and they also work independently what I think is really useful is also being able to move these displays around I can now place that information right in front of me on.

The interactive driver display I'm keen to explore some of these features on the go the lar is positioned as the most on road focus range rover yet while still achieving pretty outstanding off-road capability it has an impressive wading depth of 25.5 inches great vehicle geometry the optional all-terrain progress control and on this terrain response - so like all Range Rover.

Vehicles it really has off-road capability at its core velar has a host of technologies that give it supreme capability across multiple terrains firstly there's all-wheel drive with intelligent driveline dynamics ensuring improved traction and fuel efficiency in various Road and weather conditions adaptive dynamics the optional configurable.

Dynamics allows customers to configure vehicles characteristics to suit their individual driving needs now Land Rover's Terrain Response with its six settings has the addition of auto mode through terrain response to which seamlessly senses the road surface and selects the best setting the villa is just so responsive all-wheel drive with the intelligent.

Driving dynamics is continually optimizing the engine torque distribution to the front and the rear wheels ensuring enhanced traction and fuel efficiency in the various road and weather conditions the electric power assisted steering is exceptionally connected the optional active rear locking differentials gives great stability and control around these fast.

Corners but I know it's a real asset when it comes to off-road driving meaning the torque in certain situations could be applied a hundred percent to the rear wheels it's constantly adapting at every moment through every corner the valar design philosophy is revolutionary it combines both form and function in a way that bumbling around I guess on my arms full trying to get in the trunk but.

What's the secret gaining entry well it's pretty simple actually as long as you have the keys on you in your pocket for instance the tail gate opening sensors are just right here so all you have to do is do a smooth kick you can do the same on the other side and it'll open that tailgate like magic like magic there you go now from the outside if you want to close it you can simply push.

This button here or you can again do that foot gesture just like we did when we opened it brilliant I see you opted for Auto access height yeah it seemed like the right thing to do because I've got kids and dogs so how does it work well it's very easy to use as long as the feature is turned on and the vehicle is either an auto general grass gravel snow terrain response modes as soon as.

You come to a stop ignition switched off seat belts undone the vehicle just drops making it very easy to get in and out aids is there anything I need to know or do they all work without any driver intervention pretty much there are a few things to bear in mind though autonomous emergency braking switches on as soon as you turn on the ignition it operates of.

Speeds between 3 and 50 miles an hour giving you a warning message before applying the brakes if it senses an imminent risk of collision now lane departure warning and lane keep assist need to be manually switched on and off by the driver adaptive cruise control adapts automatically to the speed of vehicles ahead then returns you to your selected cruise speed when it's.

Safe to do so driver condition monitor is always active between speeds of 37 and 112 miles per hour the systems are there for our own safety our own good and I like the way that they obviously come on automatically and you have the option to disable and that's that's smart thinking boat controls but what else can I do obviously you must only set up these.

Functions while the vehicle is stationary but first let's look at the controls themselves here on the left you have access to the voice recognition system the phone call and call this little diamond shape that gives you access to two pre-stored features in Ex like a shortcut key here on the circular part you have volume up and down and control over media tracks or stations.

Now when you press the menu here in the center the control returns to the familiar arrows giving you control over the instrument panel menus now go ahead and have a scroll through the functions you'll see that you've got access to media driver assistance trip information display we'll come back to this one head-up display and vehicle settings but let's go back to display for a moment.

It's here that you can set up the different display layouts for instance to dial one dial full map media or driver assistance view but let's go something back to something I mentioned a little bit earlier and that is the head-up display okay go up to that menu if you would it's right there I am now in this menu you can set up the position of the head-up.

Display on the screen in relation to your seat height and also in this menu we can set up which items you want to see on the head-up display okay I know from experience that the head-up display position is really critical to get the right resolution so that is very nice nice and easy to adjust and there you see you even have turn-by-turn directions on the head-up display yeah.

Oh that's really clever and what about using the steering wheel controls for controlling other functions when I'm on the move and obviously not static well you just either use the scroll function up or down okay and you can cycle through all the media sources yeah once you've made your selection it appears in the message center right there right so I could for example choose source and I.

Go to my my media library okay you got it and if you're listening to the radio you just scroll up or down to adjust the volume scroll on the right side of the dial to select the previous or next radio favorite and a longer touch of either icon searches for new stations by frequency now when you're listening to a media device you can adjust the volume using the up or down scroll so it.

Really is as intuitive as it looks absolutely and it's right there literally at your fingertips a brief touch on the top of the right side yep air skips to the next station or track okay all right and you can also view and select the recent calls list touch and release the phone icon you got it to call the most recent number from the top of the list touch the phone icon.

One more time okay during the call you can adjust the volume using the up-and-down scroll and to end the call touch the phone icon again it really is a rich multi-screen environment and experience that is that's really classically done and it's also just effortless


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