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STM32 Nucleo Dev Boards - Product Overview

Опубликовано: 4 года назад
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Featuring the STM32 MCUs (based on ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4 cores), the STM32 Nucleo is design to be a very affordable and flexible platform with Arduino Uno R3 shield connectors and ST Morpho connectors.


Hi I'm Chris Anderson at the EE web tech lab and today we'll be reviewing the stm32 nucleo development boards from ST micro the nucleo boards featured the stm32 MC use which are based on arm cortex-m 0 & 3 & M for course this variety allows you to pick the MCU that gives you the proper balance of performance and power and allows you to easily migrate to a different MCU if.

Needed the nucleo is designed to be a very affordable and flexible platform that flexibility comes from the Arduino Uno r3 shield connector and the new STM Morpho connector which provides access to all the stm32 iOS in addition to the stm32 the nucleo includes an ST link programmer and debugger that makes the board embed enabled and can also be used as a standalone programmer and debugger.

If you are familiar with embed it's a free online IDE I have the new Cleo F 401 re and the landing page for that particular product is here as I scroll down you'll see pin outs for the Arduino connector as well as the ST Morpho connector and on the side you can see a bunch of examples if I click on the typical blink example it'll take me to that projects page from here I can.

Import this into the embed compiler or I can export it to the desktop IDE of my choice the embed IDE is a good tool and it's free but it doesn't compare to something like Microvision which is what I use for my development work so if I click on the export to desktop IDE and I select my tool chain which again is my provision I can export it and it will download the necessary code to my.

Desktop I've already done that so I don't wait for the download so if I open this project it is a micro vision for project but of course it opens fine to micro vision 5 now I have access to Kyle's full micro vision tool chain including the software packs available with MDK 5 which can help reduce development time and complexity for now let me just build and load this example.

From invit and my blink rate should change as soon as it starts running and there you go stm32 nucleo development boards from St micro are a low-cost development platform for the cortex-m based stm32 line and thanks to the inclusion of the Arduino and ST Morpho connectors is also a highly flexible develop platform


Sajjad Akram • 4 месяца назад
do these STM32 chips have independent ADC's so there is no overhead?
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dinesh ch • 2 года назад
Hii I'm looking for a 48V & 20A maximum rating controller for BLDC could anyone suggest which board will work
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