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Hey guys, if you own a Land Rover or Range Rover with Active Cornering Enhancement System know as ACE then you know how expsinsive the ACE Pump and system is. You should always USE LAND ROVER FLUID. We have owned a few Land Rovers and regular powersteering fluid worked great in them so far.
If you drain the whole system then you will need the program or go to the dealer to bleed the system.
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hey guys welcome back to out early bad guys the biggest video about the land over here discoveries if you have any landed all those guys with the with active coordinating system in all awareness stabilizes the the rollover bars and all that stuff you can recognize it by having two caps on that SFO right here one is for power steering.

One is for active steering out active corner steering so we're going to we're going to do for today but what's important guys is like if you unhook the hose you get air in the system you need computer to bleed the system and if you don't bleed it that pump and if that pump is worth about $600 and here that's the one I'm talking about this is the active cornering pump so if you don't.

Watch the system as well for a long time and the fluid is ball it's done as well and you'll be out at least $600 post-labor programming I mean bleeding and all that stuff so some places Church about about $1,000 for a bit back so today guys stay with us we're going to show you how to how to forge the system okay you can see check it out how nasty that is it has 83.

Thousand miles on the vehicle right now okay so what we are doing now which is we got that that thing you know the one that is in the cooking cooking section at the store so they use for turkeys and stuff to marinate so we're going to get the fluid out of edges be careful not to go all the way down because if you go all the way down there is a skin on the bottom so don't punch it so let me show.

You the fluid now as I'm sure how bad that is you mean and see what I'm talking about and you see what else we need to do we'll be using you be will be using power steering fluid from Walmart it works amazing you can read on the forums that everybody says it works great you don't need anything fancier than that but it needs to be fresh fluid.

And we're going to use some additives as well stand you until the end to see what we're going to do it it lubricates the edges so it prevents the pump from going bad okay so we'll get we'll get quite a bit out of it there you see okay so we're getting more out of it now and we're almost almost on the bottom we're sure how much it takes.

Our condition will be the last one now oh you guys you can see on the bottom okay thank you getting really good view this is the screen right there guys so that's the one I was talking about make sure you don't punch a hole in it check the fluid out black it's even be that way it should be as you need two or three coats for that purpose because we cannot drain the whole system I told you.

Why and what we're going to do we're going to fill it up to the max now it's on this side and once we do that we're going to start the vehicle let it run for couple minutes and then again okay you can see it's empty no all the way okay so you can see we're filling it up now okay right there that's too much okay ready to the max so that's good so now we're going to go inside starter.

Turbo Land Rover and let it idle for about a minute or two okay you can actually calculate an inside do not open it we're just opening to show you guys but don't do that okay you can see the truth circulating inside you can spray in your eyes space bargaining the control don't do that we just wanted to do it for the video tutorial.

Are you guys this is the first one that we got look at it black stay with us we're going to wash it at least one more time okay and see see what we get now the second time where it is curious to see if the quality import of the fluid okay it looks a little bit better you can see how you can see it's kind of like brownish okay so we're going to empty it again to the screen.

Make sure you don't punch a hole in the screen on the bottom and stay with us to see what we do all right guys last one empty games you can see we emptied it all the way and we're going to watch the couple more times okay let's fill it up now start it again and see what's going to happen because it is extremely experiment okay right there about the maximum so with two coats.

You'll probably be able to force it at least four five times so we're gonna start it and let it idle again guys ladies I don't over for a minute or two okay you can see inside okay so we're going to empty the whole thing again and let's see if we have some improvement in the fluid color all right let me show you now one and two the first two times.

Okay the right one is the first the second one is the second one still pretty black so hopefully the third one will look a little bit better that is we hope so but again four or five times and you will probably circulate probably about 80% of the fluid all right we emptied into 35 now we're going to fill it up again do the same.

Two T procedures started and we're going to do that five times so stay with us we're almost done with this go ahead do the rest to dance skip to the fifth one and come back to it and show you show what it looks like hi guys this is this is the last time actually we we're done with it now with the same thing this piece now and let me show you let me show you how much better.

It looks look at it okay that day that's the fifth time okay let me show you now the first time this is the first time you cannot see anything through the bottle so stay with us to compare first third and fifth time or you guys so this is it first time here okay you can see third time it's stupid black going to see here in the Sun and this is the fifth time.

You can see the fluid easily is getting click so that okay you can go ahead and do a couple more if you want but we're going to stop there so what else we're going to do will actually add some fluid now and we'll use Lucas power steering additive as well so we're going to add some Lucas power steering additive now that we have here a whole bottle is too much so probably about 1/3 will be will.

Be good okay let's get there and biggest we're just use mega your power steering fluid are you guys they'll be the whole procedure thank you guys for watching please subscribe and see you next time


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