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Breaking News | Star trek: discovery: is there romance brewing between burnham and tyler?

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Star trek: discovery: is there romance brewing between burnham and tyler?
Star trek: discovery: is there romance brewing between burnham and tyler?

Now Playing Heres How the Star Trek Discovery Cast Felt Wearing Their Costumes for the First Time Mi...

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Now playing here's how the Star Trek Discovery cast felt wearing their costumes for the first time Michael Burnham's an equal Martin green might be struggling to get a handle on her human emotions but she seems to have found support in LT ash Tyler Shahzad latif Star Trek Discovery's new chief security officer the two quickly formed a bond with Burnham opening up about her.

Conflicted feelings regarding her adopted father Zarek james frain and tyler reminding her that she is human so does this instant connection mean there will be romance in their future it sure looks like it there's definitely a chemistry there and we continue to explore that Latif tells TV Guide Best Dressed how Star Trek discovery created a new universe of costume as these seeds.

Have already been sown with the two sharing a tender moment in the episode leafy during a rescue mission force Eric Tyler ignores orders to return to the USS discovery leaving his trust in from human who in turn listens to his advice about getting through to her Vulcan dad I think he trusts her I think he softens for her added Latif Burnham and Tyler are also connected through captain grab.

You lure to Jason Isaacs who has taken a special liking to both of them while they might be his proverbial adopted children that doesn't mean we're going to see them go at it like siblings I don't know if it will be a rivalry Latif explains I think it will be slightly softer than that softer you say well they clearly have a soft spot for one another so things can only escalate from.

There let's just hope that pesky Klingon war doesn't get in the way of their blossoming friendship and potential romance new episodes of Star Trek discovery stream Sundays at a 307 306 cluesive Lee on CBS all access full disclosure TV Guide is owned by CBS Shahzad Latif Sanok WA Martin Star Trek discovery photo CBS .


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