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Ylvis - Big in Kirgisistan episode 1 (English subtitles)

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English and polish subtitles.
Fra I kveld med Ylvis på TVNorge. (English subtitles).

SBS Discovery © 2013


B: Here you are. Here is the first episode of our mini-series “Big in Kyrgyzstan”. Between China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, is Kyrgyzstan. The country has magnificent nature, a thriving industry of felt and a unique kind of hamster: Lobius Halasius. The capital of the country is called Bishkek, the place where we are going to be pop-stars. We are going to be: Big in Kyrgyzstan. B: Now we are driving in downtown Bishkek, and the traffic rules are quite liberal, aren’t they? V: Yes, the roads are broad, but not broad enough to drive in two lanes, so they change. V: Now there are two lanes on this side, and then there are two lanes on the other side. B: But we have to have car to be able to get around, because it is a big city. And when you hire a car, you don’t just hire the car... B: ...but also the owner. Because they have to be with us in case we are stopped by police. V: Maybe you wonder why we are sitting here? In Kyrgyzstan. I’ll tell you now..

V: It is because we are waiting for Ilya. He has invited us over here. This is where he lives. B: Who is he really? Mr. Fix-it?V: He is Mr. Fix-it. In Kyrgyzstan. Our own. After Ilya had shown us his "grandmother style" home, he took us with him to meet a producer. I: Yeah, Maya, listen. Open your Twitter please, and post all the photos there, in a row. And write something, because I have already got several requests from people. It's a part of your work. (laughs) I: Well, first of all open Twitter. This is Alexander Belov also known as "Sasha Big Boss". He is one of Kyrgyzstan’s hottest music and video producers, ...and is the man behind several of Kyrgyz’s pop-successes. Such as the rap-artist Dixon. (singing) Besides,this black dress with angora on the breast suits you so well...And Masquat Quel di Bueck (?) (singing) Our life was not black and white sometimes....

We are hoping Sasha will help us to reach our goal to be great in Kyrgyzstan. S: I saw a guitar with you. I guess you have brought it today for a particular reason. B: They think we are musicians and can play, and have a big repertoire. And we haven’t got anything.V: No, we haven’t. B: We’ll say it is a song which is in the making, and take something known. A song by Bernhoft - or?V: Ok. Let's do that. You can play. S: So, in which style of music would you like to be popular in here? Big Boss Sasha says he will help us. But since it will take too much time with Western music, we have to go for a more traditional Kyrgyz's style. (singing) We have a new road, we have our own way, we have a great history, and we led it... So we sat down in a cosy backstreet in Bishkek trying to make a Kyrgyz's monster hit. B: You are the one who should sing it, because you have this "osmaaan" voice, you sing Kyrgyzs. B: Yes you have to do the vocals alone. I don't have that "vocal sound"..

B: I sound like a Norwegian. You sound like you are born with a kebab up your ass. Sing again! (singing in Russian) "Zhanym, my girl...." (and something impossible to recognize) V: I don’t understand anything of what I am singing.B: Now I am regretting the whole project.


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