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Human Design Evolution Report 2/4/2019

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Hi Karen Curie Parker here with your weekly human design evolution report we've got a bunch of things to cover this week so hang on let's get rolling first of all this week marks the beginning of a brand new Human Design quarter the Human Design year is laid out into four quarters each quarter are contained within them the energies of a micro creative cycle and also a they're.

Part of a macro creative cycle that spans the entire solar year 365 days ish the quarter that we are entering right now is a quarter that is sort of leading up to if you were gonna use a metaphor for the northern hemisphere leading up to the spring and the early summer when you think about gardening and we're looking at the energy of spring and early summer in the northern hemisphere.

We're looking at the time in which we begin to maybe start our seedlings inside if you're in Minnesota or the time when you begin to plant your seeds or plan your garden this is the beginning of the cycle in the year where we really set ourselves up to explore what are we creating we've had the new year we have as part of the new year begun to explore what do we want to.

Create we've been through the dreaming cycle the imagining cycle now we're entering into the cycle where we actually do the work we're actually beginning to think about what are we going to put in that garden what do we need to do to get the garden started what seeds do we need to plant so a very important time a very important cycle that really supports you most.

Importantly in exploring what seeds do you want to plant in the flu in the manifestation of your dream what consistent actions do you need to take what balls do you need to get started rolling what preparation do you need to do for the creation of what it is that you're creating now I want to just quickly talk about preparation that means acting as.

If it's going to happen okay so this is faith in something that perhaps isn't seen yet think about when you plant a seed when you put the seed into the ground it's under the dirt right and you don't really know what's happening to the seed right if you can't keep digging that seed out every day and picking it up and looking and going oh is it got any roots yet I don't know you're not.

Doing that because if you did that you'd actually kill the seed right that's doubt that's what doubt does to dreams if you're constantly pulling that that dream out of the creative matrix that you've planted it in and you're examining it and you're trying to see is there proof of this happening or not you're gonna eventually kill the dream this is the time when you must have in.

The creative process the greatest amount of faith the greatest amount of trust that the unseen is already moving towards you and because it's already coming towards you you're gonna start taking those actions necessary to facilitate the the foundation being set so that when those things begin to start manifesting that starts popping in your reality you're ready so let's put that.

In concrete terms because I want you to really get this let's say you decide you're gonna start a business and that you this is something you've been dreaming about for years and you've decided 20 19 s you're gonna get to it which I hope you do because it's a good year for you to do that when you get ready to start your business you've got to have some things in place right you.

Need to have you know a name for your business you got to file your LLC papers maybe you got to build a website maybe you gotta have a brand you gotta have a logo you got to have products or whatever you're gonna sell those are the things that you don't need to wait for that's part of laying the foundation for the app that aligns with the expectation that your business is gonna be.

Successful right you are setting the stage for whatever it is you're envisioning and that's very much what the energy of this quarter is about we're being supported in this in with the movement of the planet Saturn which sets the tone in the outer planets that holds the template in place for our evolution Saturn moves into the 54 which is the.

Gate of divine inspiration so we are divinely inspired we have Uranus in 261 opening us up to possibility and helping us see our unique role in the cosmic plan and in the universal dream of life you we're getting a lot of clarity right now we're getting a lot of inspiration I want you to see that you are a sacred steward for the seeds of inspiration that you are.

Planting right now which means if you have an idea or a dream then you've got to be tending to that not just up here that and that's don't say that's that's not not enough you need to be doing that too but also in your tangible reality you've got to be tilling the soil so to speak or getting those little peat pots and getting them wet and putting your seeds in there it's time to get to work.

That being said the Sun moves this week into the gate 13 moving into Friday into the gate 49 these are really powerful energies that actually set us up for making new commitments to the manifestation and doing the work of our dreams the 13 which starts the week the 13 is all about the stories we hold in our hearts and whether those stories are true or not or aligned or not with the.

Heart of who we are I have been saying for probably a year now off and on in my transit reports that we are in the cycle of retelling the story of who we are and making sure that the story that we're telling is in alignment with the truth of who we are this solar energy enhances that process this week so you are being beautifully invited by the Sun as well as the new moon on the 4th which I will.

Do a separate report on a bonus report on in just a few days when we are exploring the energy of the gate 13 we are being invited to look at is the story that we're telling true are we really telling a story that's supporting us are we holding on to old stories that are keeping us trapped in a story that doesn't really serve the fulfillment of dream and our purpose this is a great.

Week for you to look at your patterns in particular the patterns that you have in your relationships including the relationship you have with yourself and letting letting go or doing your forgiveness work around stories that aren't serving you anymore or relationships that aren't serving you anymore with this energy we often get the expression or the transmission of.

Secrets secrets tend to get revealed under this energy and it's these secrets that we reveal to each other and these can be secrets that are about intimacy what you really want what you really need it can be deep beautiful heart based honesty or it can be other kinds of secrets too but from this revelation of truth that we experience we begin to be able to craft stories that are more.

In integrity with that truth whatever that truth may be whether it's in your partnerships whether it's in your relationship with money whether it's in our government relationships whatever secrets will be spilled but this billing of those secrets is not about hurting it's about truth and making sure that our hearts are aligned with truth and the stories we tell are.

Aligned with truth that's important because Friday Sun moves in to gate 49 the gate of revolution so the truths that we tell the stories that we hold move us towards creating revolutions in our lives now those revolutions can be revolutions that greed bring us deeper quality of intimacy sometimes that are being honest when we're honest with each other we.

Actually create the pathway for deeper intimacy or it's a revolution that says hey I'm ready to be up doing a different story now I'm not gonna be in this story anymore and we make the changes we need to make to continue to bring our lives in alignment with the true story of who we are the true story of what our hearts need the true story that ultimately brings us greater intimacy greater.

Support greater sustainability in every era of life that's good news because revolution ends right before Valentine's Day and we move into the energy of commitment next week which I'll talk about next week so it looks like we're setting ourselves up here if we do the work this week for a really fabulous Valentine's Day so don't panic so this week do your forgiveness.

Work be honest spill any secrets you need to spill be a witness to other people's secrets you may find that you learned some things this week and don't be afraid to start a revolution that needs to be started and don't start a revolution that doesn't need to be started either all right I think that about covers it for this week again lots and lots of homework to do this week.

Around your story around what you're really seeking to create and I really would encourage you this week to think of at least one solid concrete consistent action that you can begin to implement in your life that would support you working as a sacred steward for the seed of your dream and explore for yourself perhaps what you need to do to deepen your trust in the unseen stop.

Pulling the seed out of the soil and seeing if it has roots okay be present to the miracle of the unfolding the timing of the unfolding don't panic if you can't see the results yet act as if that's really the mantra for this quarter act as if keep taking those actions the more you tend to that garden the better those seeds will grow the deeper the roots the healthier the.

Leaves the more you'll have fruit that will support you in letting your dreams come true


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