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WRAP Discovery lands, ADDS NASA, astronaut, comments

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Edwards Air Force base, California
1. Crew of Discovery walking off bus
2. Wide shot of shuttle on tarmac
3. Technicians examining orbiter
4. Various of crew looking at heat shields
5. Commander Eileen Collins speaking
6. SOUNDBITE (English) Eileen Collins, Discovery Commander:
"For us it's been, for many of us it's been four years since we trained for STS 1-14 and this is a wonderful moment for all of us to experience."

Edwards Air Force base, California
7. Shuttle Discovery approaching airport
8. Discovery touching down on tarmac
9. Various of interior of Edwards Air Force Base
10. Various of shuttle taxing on tarmac

Cape Canaveral, Florida
11. Wide shot of press conference
12. Reporters
13. SOUNDBITE (English) Michael Griffin, NASA Administrator:
"Actually I am thinking of resigning my position in favour of Eileen Collins. I mean she is smarter, more personable, better looking and a better pilot so I'm thinking it's a good idea. Obviously we are real pleased here today, thanks."
14. Wide of press conference panel
15. SOUNDBITE (English) Bill Parsons, Shuttle Programme Manager:
"Today we honoured the Columbia crew. We brought Discovery home safely. It's a great day. If you want to know how I feel - I feel just fantastic, thank you all very much and it is good to be us today."
16. Wide shot of panel
17. SOUNDBITE (English) Mike Leinbach, NASA Launch Director:
"On July 26th we all sat here and said the only thing better than that launch will be landing day and I am here to tell you that it really and truly is better. Discovery is home and the crew is safe and we've come full circle now."

Edwards Air Force base, California
18. Various of Discovery on tarmac


Discovery and its crew of seven glided safely back to Earth on Tuesday, ending a riveting and at times agonising, 14-day test of space shuttle safety that was shadowed by the ghosts of Columbia.

Discovery swooped through the predawn darkness and landed at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert at 1211 GMT, concluding the first shuttle re-entry since Columbia's tragic return.

The landing was moved to California because of thunderstorms at the shuttle's home base of Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Once Discovery came to a stop, Mission Control welcomed the crew home, commending them on a "truly spectacular test flight."

Discovery's Commander Eileen Collins replied: "We're happy to be back and we congratulate the whole team for a job well done."

The inherently dangerous ride down through the atmosphere - more anxiety-ridden than normal because of what happened to Columbia 2½ years ago - appeared to go smoothly.

At a post-landing news conference at Cape Canaveral, Florida, flight director LeRoy Cain that it had been an anxious day.

He said there were a couple of anomalies during re-entry but labelled them "insignificant."

Two hours after touchdown, the astronauts walked around the shuttle to inspect for possible damages.

Held up a day by bad weather in Florida, the shuttle soared across the Pacific and over Southern California, passing just north of Los Angeles on its way to Edwards.

The switch to California was a big disappointment for the astronauts' families, who had been waiting to greet their loved ones in Cape Canaveral.

Their reunion was put on hold until Wednesday, when they all plan to meet in Houston.

NASA adjusted the flight path in order to skirt Los Angeles because of new public safety considerations in the wake of the Columbia disaster, which rained debris onto Texas and Louisiana.

It will be a week before Discovery leaves California, riding piggyback atop a modified Boeing 747 back to Cape Canaveral, NASA said.

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This is my control Houston commander Eileen Colin and Wendy Lawrence also inspecting Discovery I'd like to say hello to everybody and on behalf of the sts-114 crew we have had a fantastic mission we are so glad to be able to come back and say it was successful in with for us it's been for many of us it's been four years since.

We've trained for sts-114 and this is a wonderful moment for all of us to experience him discovery descending through 3,000 feet three miles to touchdown landing gear is down and locked main gear touchdown game on 5-3 nice work count flight mighty come expecting and congratulations on a truly spectacular test flight Stevie Ray.

Sweetie Andy Vegas Charlie Wendy and Eileen welcome home friends to the crack was found issued actually I'm thinking about resigning my position in favor of Eileen Collins I mean she's smarter more personable better-looking better pilot you know I'm thinking it's a good idea obviously we're real pleased here today thanks.

Today we we honored the Columbia crew we brought discovery home safely it's it's a great day if you want to know how I feel I feel fantastic so thank you all very much and just it's good to be us today well on July 26 we all sat here and said the only thing better than that launch would have been on landing day and I'm here to tell you it really is truly better Discovery's home the crew.

Is safe and we've come full-circle now gofer ammonia Rika fake and in Step three it'll be


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