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DJI Mavic 2 Pro Unboxing & Mavic Pro Comparison

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DJI Mavic 2:
DJI's new Mavic 2 Pro is the most advanced and portable drone they or any company has ever made. In this video I unbox the new drone and take a look at everything you get with it and the fly-more kit while also comparing everything to the original Mavic Pro.
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The Mavic 2 Pro from DJI is a drone that balances power, portability, and professional-quality visuals with the inclusion of a 20MP Hasselblad L1D-20c gimbal camera. The camera delivers a 1" CMOS sensor with an adjustable f/2.8 to f/11 aperture, support for a 10-bit Dlog-M color profile, and 4K 10-bit HDR video capture.
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Hi and welcome to digital tech reviews and tips today in this video I'm gonna be unboxing and taking a look at the new DJI Matic 2 pro now this is the newest drone from DJI it is a successor to the Maverick pro and also the bigger brother to the maverick to zoom the Maverick Pro was out for about two and a half years or so and then DJI after a bunch of rumors and pushing back the release date.

Finally put this out to the public this version right here goes for 1449 the maverick to zoom goes for 1249 so it's a little cheaper about $200 but with this version here you're paying extra for the Hasselblad one inch sensor camera with that camera you get 4k 10 bit HDR video and then of course all the new things that you get with the Mavic 2 line which includes the omnidirectional sensing and.

The 8 kilometer video transmission as well as improved flight characteristics looking at the box here pretty pretty boring it's like an Apple styled box kind of but yeah that's what you get it's pretty heavy honestly and then I also picked up for an extra $319 the Mavic to fly more kit what I do like with this release is that DJI isn't incentivizing you necessarily buy it.

Right when you get the pro or the zoom you know they're saying hey if you want to pick this up first or you know give it to someone and then if they want to buy this down the road and get the extra batteries bag propellers and stuff like that it's always gonna be $319 it's not like you're gonna save money by buying it with the drone so I'm gonna start with this first it's the boring stuff.

But you gotta get it out of the way kind of like you your vegetables before you have dessert so let's just get to it and see what's in this box alright right off the bat is the bag and I'm guessing a lot of the stuff is in here too actually yeah cuz that's pretty much it there's some instructions and stuff in there but that's yeah that's pretty boring that's about it now first.

Off actually before I get in let's just look side by side with the Mavic pro bag it's a little bigger and then built honestly a little more sturdy this is kind of a more almost feels like leather or something I'm not really sure but this is definitely made to stand up to the elements and so that is good right off the bat to see that they're making these a little more substantial.

And less purse looking which hey nothing nothing against wearing a man purse but this just looks a lot nicer opening up the included case that they give you here I'm gonna come to this is probably the car charger now this isn't gonna be useful for everyone but if you are filming on the go a lot which you can do with this drone because it folds up so small car charger is a nice thing to.

Have next in the box is the two batteries it looks like or is this uh this is a dual battery charger alright so this is kind of like the one that they put in with the Mavic air or you can fold it down and then you can hook up four different batteries or three different batteries however many wanting and it will go through charging one at a time until.

They're all charged and then you're good to go next in here is the power bank adapter now personally I've never used this but I guess if you know you're really out there and you only have one of these batteries from the drone charged up or two of them you know you got to get your mobile device or your controller a little more power I guess this is.

Helpful but personally I already have several power banks I carry with me all the time pretty much to keep whatever devices I'm using powered up so it's helpful to have but I don't know many people that probably use it next in here are the spare propellers now let's just take a look at them because these are the new quieter propellers that they included first with the Mavic Pro.

Platinum so they have these little tips on them that actually will reduce the noise and increase the flight efficiency which is good that DJI is trying to figure out every way to scrape a little more flight time out and it looks like the last thing that they bury in here are the batteries these are tucked all the way underneath this now these are also differently designed than.

Have a pro original one if we look at one of those batteries you can see that the new ones are definitely a little more thick and also a little shorter however they are the same milliamp hour reading of thirty eight hundred and fifty alright so that looks like it's it for the bag here got some foam packed in there but yeah that's all you're gonna get in there it's a nice carrying case.

To start out with and depending on what you're using the drone for you know maybe you'll opt to go for something a little more rugged like a GPC case or perhaps a Pelican case or nanika some tighter case like that or just plop it in your backpack honestly this pro is pretty small not as small as the air but still pretty easy to take on the go now without further ado let's get to the.

Drone itself yeah hold this little tassel here bottom which I should have done before sped up the whole process but hey you want to feel like you're actually doing it with me this is what you're gonna encounter if you're doing it yourself so here's the cover I can go off to the side for now or on the ground apparently because I don't have any place to put it and.

We'll open up the box and wow they went with an all matte black interior on this box so just looks like you know you just opened up maybe they should add some dry ice in there too for a special effect because looks pretty sleek and cool alright so let's look at the remote here now this definitely feels a lot more substantial than the previous model if we pull it up here on the side they're.

About the same weight this one's a little heavier probably but as you can see they have the new design like the Mavic air where they have the thumbsticks in here so that you screw them on and you know put them in when you're ready to use it and then put them away when you're ready to travel and it saves you good amount of room and they're not you know getting in the way.

So that's cool also of course the different color this one's kind of a more military look whereas this one was the black look that they had originally so yeah this is pretty cool honestly it looks a little a little more grip they got on the back here which is nice and of course you got your back c1 and c2 buttons which are cool yeah so nice remote they're keeping with the same.

Style but improving some small things now you've probably got another battery or a charger here let's take a look at that yeah it's your charging system this is your little power brick that connects to the longer cable which is right here and that connects to the wall and then you connect it to your batteries and charge them up and if you have the fly more combo of course you can connect it.

To that multi battery charger now in here you have more additional cables for if you have a Android phone or you know one that has USB C or perhaps one that has a micro USB you got those cables to put on your remote personally I always just pick up a shorter cable like a 1 foot cable and just connect it to this port on the device because I've found this to be pretty unreliable at times so.

Just pick up a one foot cable on Amazon connect it to here and then just connect it to your device and that seems a lot more reliable and it doesn't drop the connection as much and then here you got your adapters for this cable which will let you connect to your drone and connect it to your computer and update stuff that way if you don't want to do it using your phone and last but not.

Least in here you have your manuals and your spare propellers well you have your regular propellers here these two sets are your propellers for the drone because it doesn't have any on it right now and then you have one set of spares for one replacement on the black counterclockwise and one of the great clockwise ones so all in all you get six pairs if you buy the flight more combo.

You but regardless here are your manuals you can scan this to go on their facebook Messenger app and get support but yeah I honestly just usually download the manuals to my phone because these are pretty bland otherwise so now let's get to the exciting part which is the drone looking at it feels a lot heavier than the original Mavic Pro it's definitely longer right there off the.

Bat you can see it even without the arms and stuff sticking out this is just a longer body and looking on from the front it's about the same height maybe a little thicker there but really hard to tell overall look at the specs online but we can notice very easily looking at the two drones there's all the new sensors that they've added you can see they.

Added a light on the bottom of course which pretty cool so if you're landing at night or just in low-light stuff it's gonna be a lot brighter and easier for the drone to pick up the ground and hit the same spot every time and then on course the top you got the sensor there you got a sensor on the back right boom boom like they just put sensors.

Everywhere honestly you shouldn't ever rely on the sensors to make sure you don't hit something but they're really nice to have in case you you know don't see something or if that you lose connection with the drone and that's flying back so it doesn't just plow into a tree go on so it's nice that they're putting some extra sensors in there I think they've probably hit their limit.

For how many they can put in but we'll see maybe it's gonna sense the future and read your fortune all in one the next model so let's put away the crow and look at this - here folding it out it's the same way that all the other models have done it forward on the front two arms and the back ones fold out like that and then we'll look at the camera now a lot of people have definitely.

Complained about this camera housing the protection unit here it's very hard to put on and take off supposedly I wish they would figure out something easier but that's kind of been the hallmark thing with all these camera gimbal protectors is that they're pretty hard to take on and off but just got to get used to it take your time and you'll get it right eventually hopefully so looking.

At that camera it's a lot bigger than the one the original Mavic pro obviously it's one inch sensor and the Hasselblad of course very good camera makers that DJI basically owns so you know there's more than just a little partnership there also one thing to point out is that it is a fixed low or it's adjustable aperture.

Sorry but it's 2.8 which is very nice for if you want to get some really good shallow depth of field for closer objects or if you just want to let in a ton of light so you don't have to crank the iso up and can go with a little higher shutter frame that's really cool too so overall really impressed with this drone out of the box I think DJI has itself a winner here I'm.

Really excited to see how they can top this with the Phantom 5 when it comes out because this one now is sitting at the price point that the previous fan of models were sitting at at around 1500 so DJI is gonna have to up the price as well as the specs probably putting in some interchangeable lenses or something like that but yeah that's about it guys I hope this video was somewhat.

Informative there was a lot to take out of the box here so it's kind of a mess but hopefully you got some information about what you're getting when you purchase this I've been flying drones for a while and DJI unfortunately is really the best one out there there's not many choices so if you're looking for a drone the Mavic 2 pro or zoom are really the best on the market right now.

They're pretty expensive but you know you're getting what you pay for because DJI really has done a lot of work in the past two years to elevate themselves above all the competition while also destroying all the competition yeah so that's about it guys if you have any questions leave them down below in the comments of course like this video subscribe and check me out on all the.

Social media thank you guys for watching and as always have a nice day peace out bye


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