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Replacing the Rear Air Strut on the Land Rover LR3, LR4 & Range Rover Sport with an Arnott New Strut

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In this video, we show automotive repair professionals how to install the Arnott designed and assembled new air strut for the REAR of the 2005-2014 Land Rover Discovery LR3, LR4, and 2006-2014 Range Rover Sport not including 2010-2013 supercharged models.
Arnott's new rear strut is new and not remanufactured. This aftermarket Land Rover replacement strut is designed and assembled in the USA. Arnott's exclusive design features a new custom-made and tuned shock absorber and is assembled with a multi-ply air spring bladder manufactured ContiTech. The strut assembly also features heavy duty crimping rings, new seals, air fitting and dust cover. This Arnott-designed strut assembly is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 30-Day Return Policy.
* Custom-Designed Twin-Tube Shock
* ContiTech Multi-Ply Air Bladder
* Extra-Heavy Duty Crimping Rings
* Limited Lifetime Warranty in North America & Europe
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are not is pleased to offer multiple air suspension repair and replacement options for the 2005 to 2014 Land Rover Discovery lr3 lr4 and Range Rover Sport for vehicles that need a replacement air strut our not offers new are not designed struts are nuts completely new replacement struts offer the benefits of a comfortable ride and load leveling but.

Have brand new custom valve shocks with zero miles on them in this video we show how to install the are not designed and assembled new air strut for the rear of the 2005 to 2014 Land Rover Discovery lr3 lr4 and the 2006 to 2014 Range Rover Sport not including the 2010 to 2013 supercharged models rear air strut removal removal step 1 prepping for removal set the steering to straight.

Ahead begin by disconnecting the battery use a platform that is capable of raising the body separately from the wheels lift the body at the lifting points prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer removal step 2 wheel removal start by removing the wheels lug nuts once the lug nuts are removed carefully take off the wheel removal step 3.

Disconnecting the air strut disconnect the electrical connector loosen and remove the three top mounting nuts loosen and remove the lower mount nut support the air strut and remove the lower mount bolt removal step for disconnecting the air line fitting carefully lower the air strut to gain.

Access to the air line unthread the fitting and remove the air line from the strut remove the air strut from the vehicle rear air strut installation install step one air strut installation and airline connection install the new air strut into the vehicle reinstall the air hose onto the air strut reinstall the lower.

Mount bolt and tighten to manufacturer's specifications reinstall the three top shock mounting nuts and tighten to manufacturer specifications reattach the wiring harness to the strut install step to wheel installation install the wheel and tighten all lug.

Nuts to the manufacturer's specifications install step three testing start the engine wait two minutes operate the raising function of the cars electronics initially lower the lifting platform slowly and only completely when the vehicle Rises of its own accord check the air strut for leaks it is strongly recommended that after this installation the vehicle gets an.

Alignment for better performance and safety


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