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10 Funniest Game Glitches! 2018

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Sometimes you're playing on your favorite game and everything is fine. Great.
But sometimes that junk glitches the eff out! The strangest things can happen when a connection drops or the processor gets its threads crossed, so check out our compilation of 10 of the best of those moments!
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where you go where you go with outreaches like a phantom it's a Express it's an express delivery for you guys probably the worst thing about this game is the framerate .



Fiber optic King • 1 день назад
What game is it at 2:22
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AkagiTachibana • 2 месяца назад
Just cause 3 had best glitches i ever seen lmfao had it where two guys were halfway stuck in the ground and twiching like crazy
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Mathew Sheahan • 4 месяца назад
12th viewer 😍 omgoggles so funny 😂
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