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How to clean a gear shifter

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One of my clients spilled a 32oz of soda right on the gear shifter, so we took it all out and desolved the sticky soda and made it shift like new again. Please rate!! Comment!!! and Subscribe!!!
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All right today is our 2011 Toyota Camry customers spilled 32 ounce soda in the center console where the gear shifter is we're going to show you guys how to remove all the center console hardware the gear shifter how to remove all that so that we can clean it effectively this is not part of our detail this is just an extra service that we provide.

Sometimes details can only get so deep sometimes we have to take components off to get everything situated and cleaned out and I'll show you here on the inside all right so we're going to kind of show you the problem that we're having I have the key turn it on now this is really hard to get you can see it kind of bending it's really hard to get that thing down into reverse and what's.

Happened is some soda splash kind of came over got stuck inside this console here all inside here so we're going to show you how to remove that off it's pretty simple these ones are actually not too tough you do need to have the key and you do need to remove this knob so first step we're going to do is we're going to just remove this it's just twist off okay then we want to.

Just kind of lift this up right here we have a little kind of a handle we can grab a hold of and just use your fingernails kind of lift up same thing over here on this side okay now the next step is we want to take these off now they're just snap in I just use my fingernails get behind it pull it up same thing with this side over here okay I were just going to pull.

Up the whole thing open up that door and it slides up and move this down so that we can get it out now there is a couple wire harnesses right here but we need to remove for the cigarette lighter and the light so we'll remove those and then pull this out take it over to the bench it's pretty simple to remove all you have to do is pull this clip off use a little fingernail push that out and.

Then we can remove this now we still have the problem is alright in here okay because it's still really hard to get that out and get that in the down in the gear so what I'm actually do is I think I'm going to probably remove this housing so I can pull this housing up I've never done one of these before so I'm going to pull this I believe I can get this housing up and try to.

Access this so I can get it all cleaned out okay to remove this housing we have a couple things we have to disconnect we have three 13 millimeter bolts actually sorry those are 12 millimeter bolts we have a wire harness down here on the bottom we have this light bulb that just kind of quick connects in here just twist it out like that so we're going to zip off these bolt just notice that we.

Have one more bolt down here on the bottom okay so we have to turn the key on slide this back so that we can get our socket wrench down there and we have to kind of push there's a little cable you can't really get you guys down there but there's a little cable right there that connects to the rod here just a rod just kind of have to get out of the way now be careful I put the emergency brake.

On you want to make sure that you have the emergency brake set because once you disconnect this it may want to go into neutral or even have the wheels chopped okay so looks like it's coming loose okay so I went ahead and removed a couple things so I can see what I needed to get out so I pulled this off a couple snap Clips over here and then the light unplugs over here remove that out of the.

Way this bracket there's two Phillips screws right here so that this bracket can come out okay then I removed the plug down here on the bottom and the plug right here on the back side now this thing is pretty much mobile I just got to release these two clips and then I will turn and remove and pull this out this little shaft I don't know if you could see that but this just slides up.

Okay and then I can release this all right now the next step is to push this little clip down and this one little clip right there that will release the cable because we need to remove the cable so that we can get this housing out okay so there's the cable so this is the clip that we're trying to release there's a clip right on this side and the clip on this side we just.

Have to push those in but I can't really get you down there close enough with my hand and give out at the same time and then right here it just slides off that housing just slides right off there which I've already removed okay I release those two clips so the cables separate from the housing now we can take this housing over the vent and clean it alright so here we are over on.

The bench and we have some electrical components in here so we want to kind of be careful it was one of the reasons I took it out so that I can clean all this soda pop out of here and not really affect all of the components and electrical things in here so what we want to do is I'm just going to spray a little bit of degreaser in here and kind of let it sit then I'll come back and.

Just kind of agitate it with a brush then I'll blow it out try to push the debris and stuff down so that it doesn't all go inside now we could take out all the electrical components inside here but I really don't want to go to that extent we're just trying to clean out the debris that's in there so that's going to be kind of our plan of attack to clean in this top part and get it.

Lubed up all right so we're going to take our degreaser on a mist all right I'm just going to spray in there I'm going to turn it upside down so that we don't get debris inside the components as much as possible I could probably have done this on the car but I really wanted to take it off just so that I had some better access and I could clean it just a little.

Better and then I will be able to blow it off with some compressed air which inside the car had just been a little bit harder to do that go grab the air okay so I'm just going to take my compressed air and I'm just going to kind of blow it out okay now what I'm going to use is just some dielectric grease and this is actually designed for electrical components just going to.

Spray a little bit in there kind of help loosen it up and it's safe for your electrical switches things like that and it's a solvent so it will help clean so now I'm just going to kind of test it let's to go up so it looks like to me it's a lot easier there's a little switch in here that I have to push down but to me it looks like it moves a lot better than it was I have to push this.

Little switch forward to get it to come down but seems a lot better so we're gonna go ahead and put it back in the car okay so I just went ahead and snap this piece back into position it just has three snaps and then I put the wire back in for the light so this is pretty much ready to go I put this one bolt in here because we need this in place before we.

Connect the rod up otherwise we can't get the bolt into place so I'm going to just connect the rod back up and put everything back together alright now we're going to install this lower piece remember we have the cigarette lighter right got a little clip and then the cigarette lighter plugs in there you have to kind of move the gearshifter back and forth just a little bit open up.

Armrests okay actually this front piece has to kind of go in first before you can get the back in kind of tricky going to be in stubborn so let's just double check okay there's a little wire was caught in there so now this is in place we can check our gear shift seems to work good okay now we're going to take and put our side pieces on one there one there then we're going to take our gear.

Shifter spin that on and there you have it okay works just like it's supposed to so mission accomplished all right so it finished it up came out good took about two hours actually to take that apart and fix it and clean it all out probably could have done it without removing that whole cluster but I wanted to be safe and want to get too much of the.

Electrical wet by cleaning it but being able to pull it out I was able to turn it upside down and kind of clean it out that way so job took about two hours difficulty skill level probably around two maybe seven seven or eight so anyway hopefully like the video please rate subscribe comment and follow us at Scotty's Mobile Detailing comm we'll talk to you next week.


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